CarStream APK Download v2.0.5 Free for Andriod

Streaming YouTube while driving is not only the easiest but also the most enjoyable. It requires Google Android Auto support. With CarStream APK Download, you do not need to do anything, and the app will do the rest for you. CarStream APK Download runs as a smart program, has an easy-to-understand interface, and works very well. If you’re bored in your car, this app is the ideal solution.

When using CarStream APK Download Free, you’ll be able to watch videos in your car and therefore will never bother searching for entertainment methods while you’re in your car. Being a very useful application, it can be utilized by all automobile drivers that are traveling with their families in their cars and wish to make their trip more fun.

What is CarStream APK Download:

CarStream empowers users to watch YouTube movies on their car’s display screen via Android Auto. Known as YouTube Auto formerly, CarStream was a website application that let users access and watches YouTube content on their auto screens. It was shut down through Google for quite some time due to policy violations.

Carstream APK Free installed on your Android mobile phone makes it simple to play video in your car. This software is very helpful for those who love driving and need to make it even more enjoyable.

Although many people still use this app, the application hasn’t created any privacy problems and users are in good hands. Additionally, the reason is that the limited update function has made users delay the update process. To avoid this, we have provided a link to a previous version of the software that continues to work properly.


CarStream, otherwise known as YouTubeAuto, was an apparatus you could mount on your Android Auto display you could use to watch videos. The app-enabled its registered users to browse through their favorite videos, check out the trending ones, and play the video they’d like. As well as that, CarStream is not available on the Play Store for a number of obvious reasons, one of them being that it violates the store’s terms and conditions. Kiran Kumar created a program name CarStream, and thanks to his work millions of users have access to YouTube features and it can be accessed from the dashboard of their car. There is only one drastic downside to the application: It can be installed only on rooted devices.

How to Use CarStream APK Download?

You are the application user or video game player, so you have confidence in u r own equipment such as smartphones. If you are not knowledgeable about video game usage or do not possess an intermediate level of resource knowledge, this site can assist with instructions on how to use smartphone game software.

Carestream APK has a user-friendly interface, however extensive setup is needed to begin using this app. After downloading, the app installs it securely. It can be open after installation. This application is straightforward, but detailed instructions accompany the download. Use it to play a game or to play an app.

Source code of CarStream APK

If you want to edit or update the code, go to and the Kiran Kumar youtube-android-auto. Bridge requests for a new launch are welcome.

How to download and install it?

You can download CarStream APK from the button above, then find the APK on your computer on your Downloads page. After downloading, you will locate the APK file on your device after installation optionally in third-party apps allow settings. A message will appear in your browser from which you must select the installation options. 

To make this possible, you have to follow the exact same steps. Open the menu, settings, and security, and look for third-party downloads so that your device can download and install apps for which it is not available for download on Google’s Play Store, Tap once on the downloaded file in your web browser’s Downloads section. Then tap the launch button to run the publication on your phone. For now, you will have to let it load. Your Android phone offers this option in the security settings. Tap on the button to start it.

Dumbfounded by the idea of taking control of your installed apps? Follow these steps and download the CarStream APK and do whatever you desire with your installed apps.

  • The first thing you need to do after clicking the download button is click on the download button.
  • Now, open a file explorer and find the APK file.

You should be certain to grant permission to unknown destinations after downloading this APK file since CarStream APK is a special version of CarStream APK. You will not have the ability to configure other native system software on an Android phone since this is a third-party program.

  • Now choose the app file you downloaded. Afterward, tap on the APK file to deploy it on your Android phone.
  • Launch CarStream from your smartphone. Now the app icon appears on the home screen. Click on it to launch CarStream.


CarStream Apk is a guide that provides an overview of how to install and use the app. You shouldn’t have any issues downloading or using this guide. Contact our support team in case you have other questions. The Carstream application has felicitous traits that enable it to feature totally all types of content and appeal to thousands of users. It is highly enjoyable to utilize.

This app is completely secure, and you can use it anywhere, anytime, without registering or sharing it. There are currently no registration or subscription fees.

Download the CarStream APK for your Android device from Grazeapk. To download the CarStream APK file Download the 2022 file for free for your Android device.


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