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Youtube Red APK Download v18.17.36 (Premium Unlocked)

Youtube Red apk is a new app that provides users with more benefits when watching videos on Youtube. YouTube has added a new feature that should help users get more from what they watch. Since YouTube red apk is one of the most popular apps today, this makes sense. With this app, users will be able to watch shows and movies offline as well as enjoy ad-free content.

As a result, viewers can watch what they want, whenever they want, and wherever they want without having to worry about ads or missing out on their favorite shows. Besides these great features, YouTube Red also offers some great features, starting with background play and music as a background soundtrack.

What is Youtube Red apk?

Among the video streaming platforms, Youtube is our favorite. You have no other choice if you’re an Android user. The features of this program have become second nature to us after using it for years. There are also many ads and download limits on most of them, which we do not like. There are also many ads and download limits on most of them, which we do not like. 

So, here is our new YouTube app, an alternative to the old one term as Youtube red apk. But first, let’s look at app store statistics and user bases. More than five billion downloads have been made and more than a billion users have registered on this app, which makes it a top-tier video streaming platform. As like Nekopoi APK. Video content is uploaded to it every day for billions of hours. This YouTube Red APK is free of Ads and has all the premium features, so you shouldn’t hesitate to use it.

What makes Youtube red apk app Special?

The original YouTube has been modified to become Youtube Red apk. You may stream videos without advertisements using this program, which also allows background play. So you may also switch off your screen when watching a YouTube video and listening to music. Similarly as like in Deezer Premium APK 2023. You can turn on or off the information cards and suggestions and you have complete control over other components as well. This application doesn’t need root access and is free. Without uninstalling the original YouTube app, you can install YouTube Red on your device. Anyway, let’s quickly review the app’s summary.

Features of Youtube Red apk

There are several outstanding features included in Youtube Red apk, some of its great features are listed below:

Watch videos

You can watch any kind of video, including news, movies, educational videos, and amusement videos. Through videos, you may communicate with the rest of the world using this.

Live stream

If there is an event that happened and you wish to check the live update, YouTube Red will allow you to do so. You can also watch the live stream videos there.


Around the world, you will encounter hundreds of content producers, some of whom may be remarkable. If you want to stay always connected to them, you could subscribe to their channel.

Video Analysis

There are several ways to find out the success rate of a video that you or another creator has published. Like and Dislike buttons will be present. As like YouTube Blue APK. By liking the video if you enjoy it, you can support the creator. You can also “dislike” videos that someone has uploaded if you no longer want to watch them.

Watch Later

Some other feature of YouTube Red is the ability to add any video to the list of stuff to watch later. The video will be included in your list of items to be watched later after you click the watch later button. As like in CarStream APK 2023. But bear in mind that using this feature to watch the movie later requires an internet connection.

Black theme

The interface design was already extremely well developed and simple to use. The black theme was a new addition with the most recent upgrade, though.

Multiple Language Subtitles

There are just English subtitles available on YouTube’s standard or free version. However, We assure you that the red edition of YouTube has subtitles in 50 multiple languages. As like in Youtube blue apk.The video on this YouTube version is fantastic.

Key Features

  • After installing the program, you can select from a variety of slot games and card games.
  • Third-party advertisements are not allowed.
  • No subscription is necessary
  • This game’s interface is accessible on mobile devices.
  • There are numerous game genres.
  • You can only watch these unique, original series and movies from Youtube Channels creators.

How to download and install YouTube red apk?

The downloading and installation process of the YouTube red apk is straightforward, you just need to follow the below criteria:

  • On this website, click the “download” button given above.
  • Open your device, Settings.
  • Select Enable Installation from Unknown Sources under the Security option.
  • In the file manager, select the Downloads folder.
  • Begin the installation by clicking the Youtube red apk file.
  • Enjoy it with all the Unlocked premium features.


  • With this ProTube substitute, you may browse YouTube without being interrupt by advertisements.
  • Through the red YouTube Music app, you can stream ad-free music from your favorite artists and save your favorite tracks and videos for offline listening.
  • You can stop and start watching videos on any device as often as you like.


  • Some users have expressed frustration with the app’s rapid battery consumption.
  • If you aren’t log in, you can’t watch certain age-restricted videos.
  • It’s not yet accessible in all countries.


How can I make a YouTube red apk playlist?

Click the Save option on YouTube after opening the video you wish to add to your playlist. Then, you can add it to an existing playlist or make a new one.

How do I make YouTube video clips?

Open the YouTube video you would like to make a clip of before beginning. Select the portion you wish to cut by tapping on Clip. Once the name has been add, click the share button to submit it.

How can I download a YouTube video to view later?

Tap Save and choose Watch later to save every YouTube video for later viewing.

Is using YouTube Red secure?

Yes, using it is entirely safe.

Can this application run in the background?

As this is YouTube’s advanced edition, background music play is automatically supported.

What should I do if I am having trouble installing the application?

Try to determine whether installing an unknown app is permit or not. If the error persists, try again, and download the most recent version from our website.


Streaming videos on YouTube Red Apk are ad-free and of the highest quality. Offline playback of some videos is also possible with this application. The fact that this application offers its customers the most recent movies is another unique feature. You can play them offline by downloading them according to your preferences. You don’t need to be concerned about the size of this application because it is also quite small in size. 

This is specifically designed for students who spend most of their time reading books or watching youtube videos. You may quickly and quietly enjoy all your favorite Showbox videos and films by downloading them. So, let’s download the app and get all its premium features free.


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