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Modern Combat 4 APK is a first-person shooter for Android and is titled "Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour". Download and enjoy the old-school game.
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Modern Combat 4 APK is set in a world where nuclear power is seen as the culprit of human disaster and the primary threat to earth’s well-being. Aside from playing the game, players will have access to elite soldiers that will assist them in destroying the enemy. The noble campaign to stop history’s worst terrorist plot has been carried out collectively with the help of your teammates. Download modern combat 4 APK, players experience more than just shooting from the first-person perspective. Furthermore, you feel as if you are watching a fantasy action movie or a Hollywood blockbuster.

Modern Combat 4 apk

As well as destroying the target, you are involved in a fierce battle where even armored cars, aircraft, tanks, etc. are present, demanding a high level of concentration and mental strength to win. You must prevent nuclear war, ensure peace for humankind, and protect the peaceful life of our species throughout the game. Those are the game’s overarching goals, as well as the major mission. You must have to earn Blue Credit before you can destroy the enemy or complete any mission.

How to spend money? In the Military Shop store, you can purchase add-ons, upgrades, and equipment with it. It is as easy as touching the shop icon on the screen, and you can access it wherever you are! As well as Gold Credit, an advanced currency, you must also create another form of currency. The “plus” icon is located on the menu bar of the Pause screen, so you can use it whenever you need to! This is a worthy continuation of popular games for smartphones and tablets, which can enthrall the user for hours. Modern Combat 4 APK is not very original in terms of plot and visual effects, but it’s still a worthwhile addition.

What is Modern Combat 4 APK?

It is a first-person shooter game for Android and is titled “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour”. In this game, we play a first-person shooter inspired by the famous game. It is clear that the graphics and physics engine in the game in this part has been greatly improved, and the story was complete. On the whole, it’s like playing one of the popular CoD games on a mobile device, but with a different screen. Modern Combat 4 download for Android gameplay has not changed since the last release. To prevent nuclear war, the user will assume the role of a first-class soldier

It is quite difficult to find duplicate items in Modern Combat 4 APK game because its creators and artists have drawn locations so confusingly. This game is very dynamic, with cards exploding, guns being fired, and various forms of violence. A lot of players were unhappy with Modern Combat 4 Free Download due to the management. There has been an implementation of the function, without which, at first, the game could not be played. In the future, this option can safely be disabled in the app settings. 

Also in Furthermore, multi-player should be considered an innovation, graphics are simply gorgeous. Gameloft has finally abandoned its curve of an engine in favor of a more modern and fancy HAVOK, and then the game got the downright console. Despite looking fantastic, textures and effects are very stressful to the device. In addition to the stunning visuals, there are also interactive elements that add intrigue. As a result, the main character frequently finds himself in a position where close-range combat is required, and the action has a very impressive look.

Modern Combat 4 APK free Download for android 

Developed and published by Gameloft Montreal in 2012 for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry, Modern Combat 4 APK is an FPS (first-person shooter) video game. This game has millions of downloads on Google Play, proving its popularity in the action genre.

Modern Combat 4 APK requires the following minimum hardware: 

– 1GHz CPU – 512MB RAM – Adreno 205 GPU or equivalent – 1.9GB of available storage

Download Modern Combat 4 APK 

Your Android device needs 2GB of storage space to run smoothly. If you don’t have sufficient space, your file will be corrupted. Please make sure you are using Google Chrome and have a stable internet connection while downloading. Additionally, you should use a smartphone with 512 MB of RAM and at least a 1GHz processor.

There is a full Russian translation of Modern Combat 4 game online free, which makes following the plot development very interesting. A form of this item can be earned through single-player quests and is a currency prevalent in the game. The amount you will be given at the end of each mission will be determined by the achievements you achieve. 


  • Play the villain Edward Page and experience the drama from you will get to experience both sides of the story.
  • New tactical movement system lets you dominate the battlefield.
  • Play on a variety of battlefields from the jungles of Alaska to the Arctic in this war game with console-like graphics, dynamic objects, and life-like animation.
  • Featuring Gameloft’s Havok Engine’s amazing and realistic ragdoll effects, this is the first Gameloft game powered by technology.
  • A renowned studio in the movie industry performs and improves the sound and voice action.
  • A new loadout system and over 20,000 weapon combinations allow you to create your online profile.
  • A brand new skill system allows you to customize the skills of your character to perfection. A rating system helps you rank higher in the world leaderboards.

How to install Modern Combat 4 APK

The next step is to install Modern Combat 4 MOD APK + OBB Data after you have finished downloading it. To install it, simply follow these steps.

  • Create a backup of your APK file and cache.
  • The settings must be modified to allow applications from unknown sources to be installed (done once).
  • Installation is normally run using the Finder. (Always place the downloads into the Downloads folder)
  • Use the File Manager to copy the cache folder to the SD/Android/OBB/ directory on your phone. The folder will appear as SD/Android/OBB/cache_folder/file.
  • You can run the application now


Here are all the details on how to download Modern Combat 4 APK MOD for Android. If you do not wish to download the MOD APK files, you should download the game from the store of your device. Here is the complete list of information about Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Apk. It is a modified version for you.

Besides the traditional gameplay of the PC version, you can also play the game on smartphones and tablets with an APK mod that incorporates Modern Combat 4 APK. Playing this on your phone or tablet will give you a truly immersive and exciting experience. Install it right away! Get all the items in the game already unlock just for you. Please let us know if you need further assistance, are having troubles during set up, or have questions. Thank you



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