Henry Stickmin Collection Apk Download 2023

If you’re looking to play an adventure game as either a thief or an agent, you’ve come to the right place. This article discusses the most dangerous game on Android, Henry Stickmin Collection Apk. If you enjoy detective stories and pirates, this game is ideal for you. This game will be shown to you in its latest and greatest version.

A classic game from Newgrounds has been remade and revived in Henry Stickmin Collection apk. A different ending is included in each of the six game modes. You have the option to play as a thief or an agent, and you may even ask Charles for assistance, depending on your choices. A wrong choice must be defeated to win the game. It is necessary to complete the first attempt to receive the reward. In this game, all of the premium features are free to use. Since it is free, you don’t have to pay anything to play the game. The game is simple to download and is also playable by brand-new players.

What is the Henry Stickmin collection apk?

A funny plot and interesting gameplay make Henry Stickmin Collection an interesting game to play. In addition to its light-hearted nature, it has a suitable design and an enticing plot that will be sure to catch the attention of people looking for a suitable light-hearted gaming experience. Players will be able to have fun and progress through the levels by completing different goals and activities. Suppose Henry Stickmin, being a criminal, robbed a bank, managed to escape, and stole other things as he pursued wealth. To progress through the levels, you have to fulfill the set missions or objectives and make it to the end without making any mistakes. 

Moreover, the Henry Stickmin Collection consists of six games, the last being a redesigned version of an old game. A huge majority of gamers still prefer this stickman game, which is one of the highest-rated and most downloaded. The player must act wisely at the appropriate moment in order to preserve the flow. 

What makes the Henry Stickmin collection apk game Special?

There are very few controls since we just need to click on the choices on the screen. In addition to being filled with humor, Henry Stickmin Collection Apk also offers many comedic moments as we play it. Due to the collection’s availability on mobile devices now, we have the convenience of enjoying the collection very easily. Playing it on a mobile device is also very easy due to its simple controls.

There is also an amazing amount of humor in this game. You can laugh a lot with many choices, to be honest. A stick animation style is also present in the graphics As like Spider-Man Miles Morales apk.  There is a reason why everything in the Henry Stickmin Collection looks like sticks. As a result, the characters are also composed of stickmen.


Among the easiest stickman games, Henry Stickmin Collection offers easy controls and intuitive visuals. From the original Flash game which began the story, five games are includ in the collection. As like Zepeto mod apk. There is, however, one unique feature of The Henry Stickmin Collection that enables you to choose different options in the previous episodes, such as the sixth and final episodes.

In order to win the game, players must rob a bank, break out of jail, steal a diamond, sneak aboard an airship, fleet the facility, and finish the task. Every episode has a tonne of exciting twists and turns that add to the game’s enjoyment. There is also a lot of humor in each of the situations, as well as Henry’s suicide when he makes a mistake. 

Features of Henry Stickmin collection apk

There are several amazing features added to this game, some pf which are listed below:

Reimagined and newly added content

There is no doubt that this feature is one of the most prominent in the game. Originally a Flash game, Henry Stickmin Collection has been updating for the modern age. As like Super Smash Bros Ultimate apk Nevertheless, the game’s creators put a lot of thought and work into modifying and improving each of the game’s episodes. Breaking the Bank, for instance, has undergone a new revamp, and the artwork for the other historical episodes has been updating.

An excellent narrative plot

This is another feature that sets apart a great game from a simply competent one. This is so that the narrative plot, which aids in keeping the player’s fascination and attention, may continue. Many individuals have admired The Henry Stickmin Collection’s plot. It wonderfully tells how Henry came to be a criminal and tried to live out his ambition of being wealthy.

Grand Finale

The Henry Stickmin Collection apk now has this feature. An entirely new episode has been create for this feature. The sixth episode, Completing the Mission, is a brand-new conclusion that the game creators designed to give the game an extra edge. It is advise to download and play the latest episode because there isn’t a preview online.

Astonishing Graphics

The game features some of the most beautiful two-dimensional graphics. The screens’ or visuals’ distinctive and vibrant colors. It improves the gaming experience and is pleasant to the eyes. Being a PC game, The Henry Stickmin Collection’s animation visuals are of higher quality.

Humorous Sprite

It’s crucial to observe the player’s humor and sense of fun. The game makes you laugh in an action-strategy way. As like Download God of War 3 apk. For instance, Henry, a gentle soul, attempts to make things work every time the player makes a poor choice or decision but dies humorously afterward.

APK Features

  • In addition to remastering the game for homes, museums, night-time backgrounds, parking lots, and more, the creators have added sound and music.
  • After playing this game, we understand why the interior of the airship has changed after replacing the cabin deck and stairs.
  • This manufacturer has created a red floor and walls with brunette accents specifically for the diamond segment. As like PUBG Hack apk. In this mode, players can use guns and tanks that aren’t available in the desktop version.
  • In addition to animation changes, the game’s design alters as well.
  • This game’s user interface is appealing and easy to use, making it accessible to everyone. Moreover, there is a guide include that explains how the game works.

How to Download and install the Henry Stickmin collection apk?

The Downloading and installing process of the Henry stickmin collection apk is very easy, you are just require to adhere to the below instructions:

  • In the “Settings” section, toggle “Unknown Sources”.
  • The Henry Stickmin Collection APK file can be download from the above link.
  • The file will be download when you tap it.
  • Then, tap on “Install” and grant all the permissions required.
  • You must hold off until the installation is finished.
  • Discover all the amazing features of the game once you open it.


Does the Henry Stickmin Collection work on Android?

The official launch will take place in 2020. You can play Henry Stickmin APK on your Android phone for free.

What is the procedure for downloading the Henry Stickmin collection to a PC?

In your browser, search for the emulator in the “Download Process” section. Open the emulator, open Chrome, and follow the steps.

Furthermore, for your information. A 64-bit processor and 4GB RAM along with 1GB of free space along with Intel HD 4000 graphic’s require for the game’s requirements on a PC.

Can I play Henry Stickmin Collection APK for free?

You will receive it free of charge. This fascinating game is available for free play.

What is the Henry Stickmin Collection Apk’s official status?

It may also download through the official app store and is simply a guide. The game is therefore 100% legal. Further, it is free of charge and safe to use. The app can download on your phone if you are interested. The app works on a variety of Android devices, even those with low specs.

Does offer a safe way to download Henry Stickmin Collection Apk files?

Your system is at risk of serious security problems because of installing APK files. Before being installed, the APK can be maliciously altered and used to install and run the mover as a Trojan horse. As a result, ensure sure that you are working with a reliable website, such as


In Conclusion, this game offers an incredible experience. You can get literally thousands of different outcomes based on the choices you make. Each outcome is also accompanied by awards or badges to cheer you up. Your performance in the previous session also matches up with the start of the next sequence. The Henry Stickmin Collection apk Android game can be used to create a variety of stories. This game allows you to make several stories. This game challenges you to collect all the levels from the previous session.


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