Final Fantasy 7 APK Download v1.0.38 (Unlimited Money)

This seventh installment of the Final Fantasy series includes many newly revised features. In the role-playing game Final Fantasy 7 apk, you take control of the protagonist and take on the malicious Shinra corporation. While fighting in this game, players will explore many new lands. The game will provide players with exciting adventures based on its fascinating storyline and other unique features.

Players will engage in turn-based battles with random opponents on the game’s world map and in most locations. The first thing you see is a special battle screen. A maximum of three characters can oppose the heroes on the battlefield. With blobs of magical energy installed into a hero’s equipment, ball-shaped blobs of magical energy can grant new abilities. Additionally, characters can change their characteristics.

What is Final Fantasy 7 apk?

Final Fantasy 7 apk is the sequel to the legendary role-playing game that conquered millions of players. The seventh installment of the Final Fantasy series has undergone several improvements and updates. An unpredictable ending and unexpected twists make the plot of the game unique. Additional tasks have been added to the addictive gameplay. Even if it still has a few small issues, the programme is ideal for mobile devices. Despite this, modern project connoisseurs will not be left indifferent by the updated graphics. There is an unusual effect in the game created by combining 2D images with 3D models.

The player of the android game Final Fantasy 7 apk finds himself in a made-up universe with its own set of rules. Special reactors that produce enough energy to sustain the game universe’s existence are there. They are looked for and protected by a strong corporation. However, malicious actors, terrorists, and just plain crazy people are attempting to interfere with the efficient system and eliminate the reactors. One of the installations was successfully destroyed by explosion, with terrible results.

What makes Final Fantasy 7 apk special?

The Final Fantasy 7 apk game has stunning turn-based combat and highly engrossing gameplay. The heroes will also need to interact with other characters and travel to vast regions. The seventh chapter of Final Fantasy reduces the size of the rescue party. There are now only three courageous combatants left. From above, the player is observing what is going on. As like Download God of War 3 apk. Maximal isometric projected, two-dimensional settings are explored by three-dimensional characters. Fans of the earlier sections will undoubtedly value the enhanced version’s numerous benefits. 


A combination of action role-playing and turn-based combat awaits you in this game section. With Final Fantasy 7, you will be able to attack at the right time, which will accumulate points for your ATB bar (Active Time Battle). Using items, casting spells, or performing special attacks is possible when the ATB bar is full.

The game also allows regular attacks to be automated until ATB is full. Unlike real-time action games, you won’t need to worry about this anymore. As a result, the task involves learning how to use commands correctly in accordance with the strategy to achieve the best results.

In Final Fantasy 7apk, a thrilling storyline is combined with romantic tales between the major character and a girl, bringing the best of a traditional Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy 7 apk is a remake of an old, good game that Square Enix wants to bring to modern consoles with modern graphics, while also revising its storyline to make it more appealing to modern gamers.

Features of Final Fantasy 7 apk

There are many outstanding features added in this Final Fantasy 7 apk game, some of its great features are given below:

Special Combats

Additionally, the Final Fantasy 7 apk features a dramatic plot that continues from the previous model, a 3D background, and Animate movie scenes, so it is belove and trusted by a lot of people throughout the world to purchase this game. As like WWE 2k20. Additionally, the game’s battle levels all appear in full 3D one after another, providing you a realistic experience and an amazing show to enjoy while battling. You can also use the city’s incredible materials system, where you engage in combat to modify your character by using their special spells and skills.

Interesting Story

A firm called Shinra that produces energy serves as the game’s starting point. The evil Shinra company has held a firm monopoly on the creation of Mako energy, giving it the ability to govern the globe through its terrible schemes. As like God of war apk . A Mako reactor supplying the enormous metropolis of Midgar was blast one day by a gang of Avalanche revolutionaries, which led to the reactor’s ultimate failure. Consequently, Cloud Strife, a former soldier in the Shinra elite organization, joins the raid and passionately battles for his life to preserving the World.

Unique Characters and Easy Game Controls

To avoid confusing the player’s perception of the character’s actions, the game has created a basic and pleasant virtual controller. In addition, you can select a virtual analog control panel, or a 4-way static digital control panel based on your preferences for simpler control. Similarly as like Destiny Child mod apk .The Configuration Menu of the Final Fantasy 7 apk allows you to change the brightness of the on-screen control panel.

Many Different Weapons

To defeat terrible enemies and defend their planet, weapons are a crucial component of the game. You can play the game as a witch, healer, or tank in your group by using collecting spheres to cast spells and summoners; the statistics of these spells have a big impact on the damage done to the opponents.

Unlock Multiple Levels

One will be able to access a variety of game levels, which will aid in the development of all the super responsive features and a respectable appearance. Therefore, feel free to examine all of these identical characteristics over here.

APK Features

  • In the game, there are now additional bosses. The appearance of these characters does not affect the plot, but their appearance makes the battles more exciting.
  • There are nine new heroes in this game, with a fascinating plot and gameplay.
  • The graphics, music, and soundtrack have been improve.
  • Battles can be turn off so you can quickly progress through the story.
  • Touch display optimization has been applied to the project.

How to download and install the Final Fantasy 7 apk?

For downloading and installing the Final Fantasy 7 apk, you are just require to follow the below criteria:

  • Above is the link to download the Final Fantasy 7 Apk.
  • Go to your device’s settings and turn on the option to accept downloads from untrusted sources.
  • Using the file manager, install the Final Fantasy 7 Apk.
  • Get this game for your device and have fun playing it.


Can I download the Final Fantasy 7 apk for free?

There is no charge for Final Fantasy 7 although micropayments are optional.

In Final Fantasy 7, can I customize my character?

Final Fantasy 7 apk allows you to customize your character.

How many New Elements will I explore with Levels?

You can explore all the unique elements in the game.

What is the price to unlock weapons?

All of these weapons can be unlock here without paying an additional fee. All these similar things can be explore by you.

Is this game secure to play?

 Yes, this game is 100% secure.


In conclusion, the boss battle experience in Final Fantasy 7 apk is far more appealing than the original due to the battle system designed for top action. The battle moved quickly and included a large, immaculate-looking boss that lacked any originality. For most of the experience, the distance between boss encounters is properly spaced. However, there are also a few moments that follow one another, which the players find both boring and fascinating.

In addition to providing a fantastic JRPG experience, Final Fantasy 7 also captures the essence of nostalgia. To make for a more interesting experience, it makes significant enhancements.


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