Descargar Whatsapp Plus v17.40 APK – Free Download

DESCARGAR WHATSAPP PLUS V12 APK interface was designed using the design of the original WhatsApp, which makes it simple to use on its own. All of the advantages of your standard WhatsApp account are highlight by WhatsApp Plus, which also offers additional settings to ensure a better chat experience. Since you won’t have to get use to a massive number of new tabs and controls, this is the best option.

The Download of DESCARGAR WHATSAPP PLUS V12 APK has modified the communication capacity to send and receive messages on mobile devices. It made a major modification.

The security of communication is another essential need. This is the primary reason for WhatsApp’s entry into the market and rise to success. in this article Learn more about descargar whatsapp plus 2022, a comparable application with extra features and functionalities.

Particularly on WhatsApp’s free version, some of descargar whatsapp plus gratis most notable additions that you won’t find anywhere else include are discuss below. To learn all the details, we want you to read this article.


The most popular customize version of the original WhatsApp has been download and utilize by millions around the world. The official version of this application lacks many modern and cutting-edge features that are present in the apk version. It’s true that you can hide the last piece of data you looked at, switch themes, and do a lot more using the WhatsApp Plus v12 App.

The most affordable option to contact loved ones is using descargar WhatsApp plus gratis, one of the most popular messaging apps. In short, it’s the simplest way to contact someone, wherever in the world. Although WhatsApp is the same application, there are some functional and visual modifications.
Raffaellet, a senior XDA member, created WhatsApp Plus.

They changed the WhatsApp APK’s source code, added new features, and then released descargar whatsapp plus gratis, the upgraded version.

This is WhatsApp’s most recent version for Great Britain. Due to the MOD version, this application is not accessible through the Google Play Store. You must download WhatsApp Plus from our site since the official WhatsApp programmers won’t be releasing any updates.


As already said, it can be utilize to revolutionize messaging and chat applications. It primarily targets all users who use it, making it superior to other services like Telegram and for those who use WhatsApp original and are not completely satisfy with them.

Almost everyone agrees that WhatsApp messenger can need to be improve, and everyone wants to do so. As like Call Bomber apk.

Thus, the following features will be accessible after downloading WhatsApp Plus:

  • You can customize the user interface’s typeface and match your preferences for hue.
  • Downloadable big audio and video message files
  • Send or download one-of-a-kind, excellent photos without sacrificing photo quality.
  • rapid sharing ability
  • Unfinished copy and paste: Select the text, copy it, then paste it into an email to your contacts.
  • Hide the profile picture.
  • Inspect the connection status and time on the chat screen.
  • you can Install several themes.


There are numerous fascinating features and customization options here that were absent from the standard WhatsApp application all those features are define in detail below.

Numerous themes:

Users of the application can choose from a wide variety of unique, interesting themes. user interface that is completely modifiable. Colors, buttons, and text are all customizable. Native applications do not allow for customization.

Because of this, this tool provides a very simple technique for choosing a suitable graphic style. In the program, their users will get themes of more than 700. The theme does not need to be downloaded separately either. The theme will be downloaded automatically by this application, and it will be organized by name, date, and version.

More smiles:

Emoticons are use in the original application to give the dialogue more emotion and realism. The number of emoticons available in the WhatsApp plus v12 apk application has increased though. For better communication, emoticons are now support in Google Hangouts.

However, there is an issue. Emojis are only visible to members of WhatsApp Plus. If you send an emoticon but the receiver has previously requested one, the new emotion won’t appear in the message.

Amazing Hide Feature:

Users of the initial program tried to irritate others while watching online. The hidden feature was there after being added to WhatsApp Plus. Your status can be a secret to anyone or every group. This application now has more freedom to communicate through encryption.

Privacy feature:

The WhatsApp plus v12 apk has concealed your most recent status view and keeps others from knowing when you read or listened to someone else’s message or status update. The benefit is that, unlike the original WhatsApp, you are not require to give up your right to view them.

Best quality files:

Along with the low image quality associated with sharing files (such images) on the original WhatsApp, the issue of a sufficient sharing size also exists. Files up to 50MB in size can be sent and received over WhatsApp Plus without having to be compressed.

descargar WhatsApp plus gratis Advanced file opportunities:

The original WhatsApp only supports files up to 16Mb in size, there is a disagreement between data providers. Users can exchange files up to 50MB easily with the help of this descargar WhatsApp plus gratis.

Additionally, the program offers file updates that range in size from 2 MB to 50 MB. There are no complex file options available in native software.

  • Key characteristics of descargar WhatsApp plus:
  • The following are the essential characteristics:
  • Free to download Stream without cost.
  • No registration is requested.
  • A wide variety of programs and films.
  • a quick and reliable connection.
  • excellent performance.
  • It is simple to utilize the UI.
  • Zero advertising.
  • You can enable dark mode.
  • You can turn off the internet Just for WhatsApp.
  • You can Message a number that is not saved.
  • You can access the settings easily via a floating button.
  • Many more.


Simply follow a few straightforward instructions to begin utilizing this amazing application.

  • Go and click on the download link to get started.
  • Next, navigate to the settings on your smartphone and approve allowing it to download files from unapproved sources.
  • Locate the apk file for the WhatsApp plus v12 Apk by going to the file manager or the browser download folder.
  • Once you’ve located it, tap on it to initiate the installation, then wait a short while for it to finish.
  • When it is finished, the icon for the WhatsApp plus v12 Apk will appear on your home page, and you may then start using it.


You must have discovered all of the solutions to your questions regarding Descargar WhatsApp Plus v12 APK in this article. You will get here so many features that are not still available in the original WhatsApp application. Like you can off your Wi-Fi just for WhatsApp by their airplane mode in WhatsApp plus you can change the entire theme of your WhatsApp plus by your choice you can share the heavy file here without compressing their size. 

Enjoy this wonderful Android app really quickly by downloading it. Tell your friends and family member about Descargar WhatsApp Plus v12 APK if you are into it.


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