Call Bomber APK Download Latest Version 2023 (No Ads)

Every day, we play pranks on everyone as they bring joy and entertainment to our lives. The Call Bomber apk is an Android program that allows you to prank your buddies by making limitless phone calls and SMS to any contact number. In addition to the bombing features, you can also set the speed limit. There is no way to use this app to get revenge because it’s just an entertainment app for pranking. The application enables Android users to send multiple text messages at once very quickly. Google Play Store users can download and use the software for free. It works by downloading a small application and sending all the texts via the Internet.

Several purposes can be served by this app, including sending warning messages about dangerous situations, reaching out to emergency services, or just contacting family and friends. Call Bomber is ideal for emergency situations or when urgent communications are needed because it works over the network.

What is Call Bomber apk?

It’s easy to prank your friends with the Call Bomber apk since it doesn’t require any complicated setup. The Call Bomber app will help you trick your victim into thinking that they’re getting calls from all over. You’re playing a mean prank on them because they don’t have caller ID. As like CÓMO INSTALAR WHATSAPP PLUS. To do this, dial a random number and leave it on speakerphone so they think that they’re getting calls from everywhere. It will take them so long to realize what’s happening if they pick up because they’ll be so distracted.

A variety of circumstances can benefit from this app, which is an excellent app. In case you’re looking for an easy and quick way to interact with friends and family, this app is free on the Google Play Store.

What makes the Call Bomber apk app special?

Call Bomber apk is a free online tool or online application, and it can be used for pranks, making unlimited calls to various numbers within a few minutes with multiple numbers and sending so many calls simultaneously. Any phone number that is target will undoubtedly receive the calls. A huge advantage of Call Bomber is that it does not reveal any personal information about the person making the call or reveal their identity.

Any information about the caller can never be guess by the person receiving the call and any details about the caller will not be accessible. When a caller receives a call from a call receiver with a new number, Call Bomber is able to tell them their OTP for a variety of apps.

Features of Call Bomber apk

There are many amazing features of call bomber online, some of which are given below:

SMS Explosion

You can use the call bomber app apk to attack others with a sense of curiosity. You may hire someone to compose an SMS for you if you desire. As like DESCARGAR WHATSAPP PLUS. Furthermore, There is no limit to the number of texts you may send them. By using this app, you can make unknown phone calls to everyone around you, just like SMS blasts. You were worried about them.

Email Bombing

Multiple blocked emails can be sent to a person’s inbox when they send an email. They can use this email to initiate and receive phone calls. Besides sending emails to your workplace, it can also send messages to your friends.

Call Pinger

The way we kill my buddies is to make them angry with so many missed calls, this helps us to force them to think. Who is responsible for it? Whenever this happens, we laugh so hard that we can hardly breathe. You may use this option to avoid calling anyone in your buddy circle. As like Textnow apk. The maximum number of missed calls you can send a day is five.

Self Protect

You may be able to get this post and app, so others may also be able to get it. You can use this feature to avoid being bombard by messages and emails. This way, you may prevent having your phone number hack. As like Hulu MOD APK. With this one feature, you can keep your email inbox free from spam and even floods of messages.

Defense List

Call bomber apk free download users offer an interesting feature called Defense List. Keep yourself safe from attacks. By adding them to your security list, you can protect your phone numbers and email addresses. From the left, you can select one of the three columns. So, Your safety list should contain a list of the functions you want to use, not just a list of functions. Your name phone number or email address can be enter there. Start the security process by protecting me later.

Unlimited Call Bomber Apk

The Unlimited Call Bomber APK allows users to send a large number of calls to any phone number. With its powerful features, it can be used for prank calling friends or even for more serious purposes like harassment. It supports multiple numbers and calls at once with no time limit. The app also offers the option to customize the text message that accompanies each call. The app is free to download and use, with no subscription required. With its easy-to-use interface, it provides users with a powerful way to make prank calls or send mass messages quickly and conveniently.

APK Features

  • You can irritate those around you with this app.
  • Any number can be used for sending missed calls, whether it’s known or unknown.
  • There is no time restriction; you can generate missed calls for as long as you like.
  • You do not need to spend diamonds or coins to use it.
  • You can use the application on a low-end smartphone thanks to its small size.
  • To install it, the device does not need root authorization.

How can we get the Call Bomber Apk and install it on an android phone?

The method for obtaining and installing the call bomber apk program is simple; simply follow the directions below:

  • To proceed, download the APK file from the above-mentioned URL.
  • To install APKs from external sources, you must first check your permissions.
  • Make sure you enable allowing from external sources in settings if you don’t already have it enabled.
  • Now install the APK file for Call Bomber app and let it finish installing.
  • The App has been successfully installed.
  • It’s now time to open the 1000 call bomber.
  • The bomb button should be click after entering your phone number.
  • The servers will now start the bombing.


Can you tell me what a call bomber apk is?

Call bombers allow you to make multiple phone calls at the same time. This software dials each number in turn from a list of numbers you enter.

In order to use a call bomber apk, what steps must be take?

Call bomber app are usually very easy to use. Input your phone numbers into the software once you have chosen the software you wish to use.

How does using a call bomber benefit you?

A call bomber can save you a lot of time by reducing the amount of time you spend on the phone. Best call bomber apk can help you get through many calls quickly, such as when you are making sales or customer service calls.

Can it be use safely?

You can use this safely. Using this application does not pose any risk or concern. The application is one of the most secure and safest on the market, so you do not have to worry about anything when using it.

Is this app free to download?

The app is free and includes all features for now in version 1.0.


In conclusion, A call bomber apk is an amazing tool or application that anyone can use to make prank calls and send SMS to friends and other people at the same time with ease and with no cost at all since it is free and offers a lot of features. It is also completely free to use, in addition to being incredibly safe and secure. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything as long as it does not damage others. This application is for pranks and fun only and should not be misuse to harm anyone or to take revenge. After reading this article, we hope all your concerns have been address. If you are unclear, please contact us and provide your feedback and suggestions.


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