How To Mobile Deposit a Check On Cash App?

Would you like to deposit that check while you’re out and around? Fortunately, depositing checks into Cash App is a simple and quick process. In this post we will tells you about how to deposit a check using the Cash App mobile app.

The following are the process for depositing a check on the cash app:

1. Verify that your check meets all the requirements– Cash App Mobile App

A few criteria must be complete before you may deposit a check using Cash App:

  • The check is written out to you, the person whose name appears on your Cash App profile, or jointly with another approve person.
  • The check is make out in USD. Because the Cash App only works with US banking institutions, the funds in the check must be in US dollars.
  • The individual or company sending the check has correctly signed the check.
  • The check matches or falls short of your deposit limit. (With every Cash App account, each check has a maximum of $3,500 with a total restriction of $7,500 each month, and the app will notify you how much money you have left before you exceed your monthly limit).
  • The check is still valid. Checks are typically limit to 90 days.
  • The check has not yet been deposit.
  • The check has been alter.
  • You signed the check and wrote “Cash App Deposit” beneath your signature.

2. Launch the Cash app mobile app

This cash app mobile app icon is a white “$” within a green box.

3. Select the bank symbol.

It’s the logo in the bottom left corner of your home screen that resembles like a house with pillars.

4. Choose Checks

The Checks option allows you to use your phone to scan cheques into your account.

5. Type the check amount

  • Enter the total amount of the check by using keypad on the screen.
  • Continue by tapping Confirm Amount.

6. Confirmed the front of the check by tapping Confirm front of check 

To confirm, select the box beside “The check is written correctly” if your check resembles the example on your screen.

7. Confirmed the check’s back and press Confirmed check’s back 

If your check resembles the example of your screen, press the box next to “The check is written correctly” to verify it.

8. Tap the Take Picture button next to “Front.”

  • This will activate your phone’s camera, enabling you to snap a photo of the check and scan it.
  • Use the grids on your screen to align the photo of your check, and Cash App will snap a photo of it once it is clear and appropriate. (Utilize a dark background).

9. Tap the Take Picture button next to “Back.”

This will activate your phone’s camera. As shortly as the check is clear and simple to read, Cash App will snap a picture of it.

10. Hit the Submit button – Cash App Mobile App

You’ll see the amount of the check listed here, as well as a caution that your payment won’t be accessible until it deposits, which typically takes 3-4 business days. 


In conclusion, A regular check deposit takes more time. The Cash App mobile check depositing app shortens check processing time and removes the need for customers to visit a bank. You must sign the back of a check, photo of both sides, and submit them to the application. Nevertheless, the capability is currently only available to a limited number of Cash App customers. You may deposit government checks, incentive checks, customer’s checks, and third-party checks on Cash App.