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Adorable home MOD apk is a free strategy game, open world, and multiplayer mobile game. In this amazing game you will not just play it but you'll be in love with it.
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Are you a fan of a beautiful yet simple life? If yes, then you will love this game. You can enjoy the essence of simple life by playing Adorable Home MOD APK.

It provides its users with a peaceful and comfortable life as well as some challenges that life threw at us, you can choose your partner and live with them with your furry friends at a place that you call home. This is a peaceful and relaxing game, our users love this game because of its simplicity and aura of it.

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Adorable Home MOD APK:

Life is a beautiful gift given to us by God. It is the most precious thing without it nothing can be done by anyone. Everyone is doing something or another thing to make their life better same as sim4 MOD APk .

We all human have a different idea about a comfortable and successful life some wants to be rich and some want a simple, relaxing, and happy married life with his/her partner, if you’re one of them then this is exactly the game you’ll love.

It provides its users with an idea about a simple life and the struggles that couples face to make their life better day by together. So basically, the game starts with a couple and their cute little furry friend in an empty house, they have only one item in their house which is a TV stand.

Now, the couple needs to earn hearts through which they can buy different stuff for their house. With the MOD version of this app, you can have unlimited hearts same as Retro Bowl MOD APK.

It has a lot of exciting features.

Features of Adorable Home MOD APK:

Choose Your Partner:

Adorable Home MOD APK gives its users an option to choose their partner be it a girl and a boy, a girl and a girl, or a boy and a boy. This game supports LGBTQ.

Decorate your home:

You can decorate your home with your partner. With your love and work you can turn this empty and boring house into your dream house, by doing different house chores or other things that are required to win competitions and earn different things.

Win rewards:

you can win different rewards and amazing and exciting stuff for your house to turn It into the place you can call home same as Bonbon Cakery MOD APK

adorable home apk

Spend quality time with your adorable pets:

You can spend your time with your cute pets, also you can have as many pets as you want. Isn’t it sound like a dream for pet lovers? If you’re a pet lover then this is a game for you.

Spend your time doing different activities:

Not only you can spend your time doing different house chores but you can also play different games within a game and can also enjoy doing other activities.

Unlock and discover new places in your house:

By continuing to play this game you can unlock new places and discover them with the passage of time. Like you can unlock the kitchen and try different activities like cooking with your partner.

Write your own love stories:

You can write your own beautiful love stories and create a surrounding of what your heart desires. You can live your dream life while playing this game you can do whatever you want to do in your life it is like a visual representation of your dream life.

Choose your own characters:

One more amazing feature about this game is you’re free to choose your own characters, but be a little more careful while choosing one to be mindful of your choices.

Collect love:

You can collect love by doing different activities like making lunch boxes for your lover to collect more love, or you can collect love by taking care of it daily like: bathing him or by touching it, or by playing games with it.

Additional information about Adorable Home MOD APK:

NameAdorable Home MOD APK
categorySimulation, Game
requirementMinimum android and ios version to run this app
Root RequiredNo
Google Play 

How to download Adorable Home MOD APK?

You can download Adorable Home MOD APK by following the steps written below:

  • Step 1. Download Adorable Home Mod APK
  • Step 2. Once it’s downloaded, open Downloads, tap on the APK file and tap Yes when prompted.
  • Step 3. Adorable Home Mod APK will begin installing on your device. 
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Pros and Cons Of Adorable Home MOD APK:

Some pros and cons of this version are:

Unlimited hearts and currency.This version of this app may contain different kinds of viruses which can be harmful to your device.
Android users can easily download it on their devicesIt is to protect your device from such viruses make sure to download it from safe and authorized places and download it from our website so, you can play it tension freely.
Different features are available in this MOD version. 

FAQS of Adorable Home MOD APK

Some FAQs about Adorable Home MOD APK

Q1: Is Adorable Home MOD APK offline?

A: Play Adorable Home on PC to experience this offline simulation game from the stunning display that your computer has.

Q2: How do you get a lot of money in Adorable Home MOD APK?

A: Adorable Home Tips and Tricks to Become Rich.

  • Buy All the Cats.
  • Check the Garden for Fireflies at Night.
  • Make Sure to Attract More Visitors.
  • Check for Weather Forecast.
  • Complete Offers for Extra Love.
  • Feed Your Partner the Best Meal.
  • Play Adorable Home with LD Player.

Q3: Is Adorable Home MOD ok for kids?

A: Some of the content may be inappropriate for kids under 13. So, this app is not for kids.

Q4: Can cats run away in Adorable Home MOD APK?

A: They can walk freely everywhere in the house but can’t go outside the garden.


In this game users can choose their partners and then spends their time like a couple doing different type of house chores, spending quality time together, playing games with their pets, cooking different type of meals, and also decorate their empty house. By the MOD version, they can also have unlimited hearts which will act as a currency to buy stuff for house.

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