Youtube Blue APK Download Latest Version (No Ads)

The YouTube Blue apk app offers a lot of features and controls that you won’t find in the official YouTube app for Android. YouTube is free, but it lacks many necessary features. In contrast, YouTube Blue allows you to access premium features and functionalities for free. An updated version of YouTube called YouTube Blue APK is very popular.

The official YouTube app now has ad blurs, background playback, black/dark themes, and many more features. Download links and installation instructions are available here for users who are not rooted. Those who wish to use YouTube Blue APK can find it here.

What is Youtube blue apk?

Despite being a simulation application of YouTube, YouTube Blue APK offers many advanced features not found on Youtube. Android phones can use this application. Its ad-blocking feature is one of the highlights of YouTube Blue APK.

This feature improves the user experience by not disturbing viewers. The YouTube Blue Apk might help you if you are bothered by YouTube ads. In the Android community, it is regarded as a different version of YouTube. 

The features of YouTube blue are very similar to those of YouTube, but there are a few additional ones as well. A black theme is included, and ads are blocked by default. YouTube Blue has many more features than YouTube, so why install YouTube when this is a much better version?

What makes the Youtube blue apk special?

There are countless features in this modded version. Thus, irritating ads can be stopped, and other things can be customized according to your preferences. In addition, you can zoom in and out easily and set your desired resolution for all types of videos using the modded version. Additionally, the app supports playing videos while searching for other videos.

Additionally, you can watch it in case of a hurry or if you have no time for watching. Once you have set it up, you can watch the videos later. Among the interesting features of YouTube, bluer is its ability to change the color of YouTube’s themes in three different ways.

Features of Youtube blue apk

There are many amazing features included in Youtube blue apk, some of the outstanding features are listed below:

Download Videos

The videos can be downloaded for later viewing. The downloaded video will be available shortly in offline mode. As like in Twitch App. But bear in mind that the downloaded videos will require a suitable internet connection and synchronization again after two to three days.

Repeat Videos

If you’d like, you can watch the video once more. You can choose it from the settings if you want to repeatedly play a particular video. As like Nekopoi APK . However, you can accomplish that too by just altering the settings in the YouTube settings if you wish to play the entire playlist continuously.


Everyone wants to change the social networking platform’s theme color. In this segment, the official YouTube lags. Similarly as like in Showbox apk 2018 android. However, YouTube does include an option where you may choose between several themes. Pink, red and black is among them.

Watch later

You can add a video to your “watch later” list if you’d like to watch it but need to get going right now. Videos that you have saved to your watch list will only be accessible online.

Paused History

On the Youtube Blue apk, there is a history pausing option. This implies that YouTube won’t keep tabs on your browsing history. Similarly as like Youtube Red apk. The benefit of pausing this option is that YouTube will not recommend videos based on your search and viewing history.

HDR Mode

This edition of YouTube also offers a high dynamic range screen resolution. if you enjoy watching high-quality videos. As like Showbox apk file. Then this Youtube stream is highly recommend. Since you can see moving photos in crystal clear detail when using HDR Mode.

Window Style

When using the window style, you can reduce the size of the screen while watching other movies or searching for other films without having to stop the current video that is playing.

APK Features

  • Only night mode was initially offered. You have access to several colored themes with YouTube Blue, comprising red, blue, and amber.
  • The video can be repeated by using the repeat option. This is useful if you want to listen to your favorite music repeatedly.
  • You can watch videos that are clearer and crisper by turning on High Dynamic Range mode. the function that was initially absent from the YouTube app.
  • You have access to the download function. This enables you to watch videos when traveling or without access to the internet.
  • You won’t be able to easily find anything like this anywhere else. When you want to watch videos that are only available in particular nations, it is useful.
  • A swipe motion can be used to change the screen’s brightness. It may be customized using the settings.


  • There is a direct download option available from the third-party website in any version of the application. Depending on your requirements, you can download the app archives for most versions.
  • Unlike Play Store, downloading happens immediately; you don’t have to wait for the review process, etc.
  • There is an APK file on your storage card or system memory after downloading. Because of this, they can be repeatedly deleted and reinstalled without having to be downloaded.


  • Apps downloaded from outside sources are often not audited by Google. Therefore, it can damage your phone.
  • APK files can contain malicious code that destroys or steals your phone’s data.
  • Because your apps typically lack access to the Google Play Store, they didn’t automatically update.

Youtube Blue Updates:

The new update gives;

  • Blue podcast icon (for podcast creators)
  • Batter recommended choice

How to download and install Youtube blue apk?

The downloading and installation procedure of the youtube blue apk is straightforward, you just need to follow the below criteria:

  • To get started, download the latest recent Android APK.
  • Before starting the installation, activate the “SETTINGS > SECURITY > UNKNOWN SOURCES” checkbox.
  • Then install the application.
  • Right-tap the installation icon when the system asks for your permission.
  • The APK icon will appear on your android phone start menu once the installation procedure is complete.
  • The application should then be “Open.”
  • Any video can be played now.
  • Enjoy the music with background play and no ads.

See the complete guidelines about How to enable unknown sources

Youtube blue apk-FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions for youtube Blue

What distinguishes YouTube from YouTube blue?

YouTube Blue is a modified version of YouTube that also contains an ad-blocking feature; YouTube is the official site and is own by Google.

What distinguishes YouTube Blue from YouTube Vanced?

The two applications are identical. YouTube Blue is often referred to as YouTube Vanced.

Does YouTube Blue have a Google Play store presence?

Since it is the Moded version, it cannot be found in the Google Play store, but you may download it straight from our website by clicking the link.

Is it legal to download YouTube Blue APK?

Despite being available for free, the program is trustworthy and reputable. It has a lot of fantastic features.

Why would YouTube Blue APK not operate?

If your app is outdated or hasn’t been upgraded to a new version, it could not work properly. So that everything goes properly, you can upgrade the program straight away.

How Can I Upgrade the YouTube Blue APK?

An automated update won’t be possible because YouTube Blue APK is from a third-party developer. By uninstalling the previous version and installing the new one, you must manually update the program.


YouTube Blue Apk has access to all of YouTube’s features. Additionally, its integrated ad-blocking capabilities put it ahead of official YouTube. Additionally, there is a very lightweight program that prevents lag on Android devices.

Please take note that the pink and red versions of YouTube must be used if the blue version of YouTube is down. They have to be at work. It is the app that lays out distinctive and extra features for watching YouTube content. We sincerely hope you enjoy the article. So, let’s download the youtube blue apk and get all its amazing features.


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