Textnow apk Download (All Working Versions)

Are you looking for a free phone number with a number of your choice that does not require a SIM card? TextNow apk for Android lets you get a free phone number without using a sim card. You will receive all the same benefits from the phone number as you would with a sim card phone number, including free calls and unlimited texts same as TrueCaller Mod APK

Through this application, you can easily make international calls at no cost. You can download the application for free. Using this application, users can earn credit for international phone calls and texts, which can be used to make and receive international calls.

Textnow users can make free voice calls. Standard messaging services allow users to include emoticons and pictures in their messages. You will receive your messages simultaneously with your existing phone plan so there won’t be a delay. Call forwarding and voicemail are also included in the service.

More about TextNow APK – free text + calls

For all Android users, the text now apk is a great socializing app through which they can send free texts and make free phone calls. As there are limited free services available to native North Americans, this is specifically for them. Creating an account and generating your phone number are the only requirements.

Consider a situation where your friends or relatives live far away from you. Using your mobile number, you can’t call since it’s costly, so you assume someone will find a free way to call. Nevertheless, we have brought you a free way to talk to any country for an unlimited amount of time by downloading the Textnow apk.

What makes the Textnow apk app Special to download?

The Textnow apk app lets users send and receive unlimited free text messages and phone calls without sharing their identities. As like the Call Bomber app. This application allows users to create a unique virtual phone number, which lets us separate personal and work text messages. As well, TextNow offers calling services for US and Canadian residents.

In addition, this application provides a video messaging feature that allows you to communicate with your friends and family through videos. If one of the phone numbers assigned by them does not work for another company that requires verification of phone numbers, you must release the main number and request a new one.

Amazing Features of Textnow apk you must check before downloading

There are many fascinating features included in this app, some of which are as follows:

No Bills for calls and texts

There is no cost to make free calls or send free texts anywhere in the United States. It doesn’t support advertisements, so you can socialize without interruptions. As like Myfitnesspal Premium apk. Due to its free coverage on nationwide networks, it is a better hack for all call and messaging services.

Low-speed data usage

It’s not necessary to buy and follow strict mobile data packages. With the help of the text now app, you can purchase the data you need and pay only for what you use. You save money. With low-cost data, you can accomplish more. In this text messaging app, the ads are blocked, so data usage is even lower.

Multiple numbers

Do you wish to separate your contacts and organize your social networks on separate numbers? But you are concerned about being charge more money? You need not worry since the text now apk allows you to use two numbers at the same time. As like CÓMO INSTALAR WHATSAPP PLUS. The use of social networks for business activities can be separate from the use of social networks for personal activities. The two numbers can be use to send texts, attend online meetings, and make telephone calls, among other things.

Call internationally

The cost of international calls and communications has been increasing for a very long time. However, the Text Now application offers a cheaper and more valuable solution. The service charges a low rate of $0.01 per minute for making calls. Approximately two hundred thirty countries are cover by this offer, so if you have family and friends abroad, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Wi-Fi and Network Calls

The app supports Wi-Fi calls as well as network calls. The app can be use to make calls through your phone if the Wi-Fi signal is weak. The phone number is available for free calls.

Important Key Features of text now to review

  • There is no charge for making voice calls.
  • You’ll be able to video chat with your buddies with this program.
  • In addition to these features, you can also use Google Smart Lock and passcode to keep your security information secure.
  • The ability to add a signature to each text message is available to you.
  • It does not contain any advertisements.
  • You have access to all the premium features.
  • By using this app, you will be able to place free calls and send text messages without the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

How To Download and Install Textnow Apk? (ONE CLICK DOWNLOAD + all versions available)

By following the steps below, you will be able to download the text now apk:

  • There is a button on this web page that allows you to download the file.
  • The text now app version will be downloaded once you locate it and press it down.
  • After the application has been downloaded completely, please navigate to the Settings menu on your mobile device and select Security Settings.
  • Give the text now download app access to Unknown Sources by selecting ‘Allow Access to Unknown Sources.
  • Locate the TextNow apk file in your downloads folder and launch it.
  • Once the text now apk file is displayed, click the install button.
  • Congratulations, your download has been completed.

Frequently asked question for textnow apk

Can I use this Apk safely?

There is no risk associate with using TextNow Premium Apk on any Android device. Our knowledgeable staff examined the applications along with various premium antivirus programs. As a result, you can use our software without being concerned about your security or privacy.

Is TextNow reputation fully unknown?

TextNow does not provide total anonymity since it saves the personal data of the users, such as their email address, which they provided when they signed up.

Does TextNow contain advertisements?

The free version of TextNow contains advertisements, but if you purchase the premium version, you won’t see any ads again.

How will using this mod apk benefit me?

To make it simpler for you to engage with your friends, all premium features have been unlock.

Does it really cost anything?

It is free of charge. There is no annual or monthly fee. The service is completely free of charge.

Conclusion (final words)

In conclusion, It is now possible to call and text in the United States and Canada by using the Textnow apk. With a new phone number without a SIM card, it is possible to make calls and send texts using the internet for free. Furthermore, you can change your mobile number whenever you wish, as well as text, audio, and video call anyone around the world for free.

There is no restriction on how many texts or calls you can send or receive. Several apps enable you to share your videos and images with others. In addition, this application does not contain any advertisements, and it is available on all major networks across the country for free. The only cost you must pay is the amount of data you have consumed.


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