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Netshare Pro Apk Download v6.5 (Full Version Key)

The NetShare Pro Apk is a proficient tool that allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android phone to share your mobile data with other devices like android phones, PC, iPhones, etc. The application is designed by NetShare Inc. In this post, we provide apk features of Net share pro-Apk. To make your Android phone a Wi-Fi hotspot, you need to install this app. Your mobile data is shared with other people using this application and their connection to your Wi-Fi network is made easy.

Let’s discuss the features in detail since there are many other features included in this application. Using this application will enable you to share your internet connection as a hotspot. A very high-speed internet connection is another feature of this application. In addition, this application can assist you to download any file from the internet without trouble or mistakes.

What is Netshare pro apk?

The NetShare Pro apk application lets you tether your device via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. Most importantly, root access is not required to create a hotspot. You can also share your data wirelessly or via Bluetooth with others or connect your laptop or PC via a USB cable.

In addition to its complex features, this Tethering management software for Android has several other features that make it worth considering.

Despite sharing the same technology as Hotspot, NetShare allows users to connect wirelessly and establish a more stable connection. Additionally, the program allows users to broadcast a Hotspot quickly and safely and create a personal tunnel with random link codes and passwords, as like Verizon Content Transfer Apk. Using the device’s Hotspot is as easy as typing in the name and password of the Hotspot, and then they can access unlimited Wi-Fi.

What makes Netshare pro apk app special?

With NetShare Pro apk, users can access the pro version of the application. This app makes creating hotspots and sharing data easier on mobile devices. Similarly, like SWITCH PRO BLUETOOTH. A mobile hotspot can be created by simply pressing a button on the app, which can be installed on most smartphones.

The NetShare Pro apk provides users with access to all the advanced features of NetShare and enables them to form stable and speedy mobile Wi-Fi networks. There is also an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI included in the app.


There are several outstanding features added in the app, some of the great features of this app are mention below:

Free of Cost

Most significantly, using this application to share data with anyone else won’t cost you a penny; everything about it, from installation to use, is totally free. As like ALPHA BACKUP PRO APK. Use this application by installing it for free from the Google Play store.

Easy Connectivity

It will be simple to connect your phone to the connection because every Wireless router and the shared device will be display. Click on any connection from the list of available connections to instantly establish a connection with that connection.

Easy Interface

Moreover, the Netshare Pro App’s user interface has been create to be simple and easy to grasp for all users, requiring little to no additional technical expertise to utilize.

Set Password

Establish a password for the hotspot you’ll be sharing with others. Your connection can be given a special name and a special password that you can subsequently modify from the app whenever you like.


Besides these features, the size of this pro program is only KBs, so it won’t take up much space in the device’s memory and won’t cause any problems with storage.


Additionally, this serves as a Wi-Fi router. For example, if you have a data connection on your device and want to connect it with your colleagues, use this program, which also serves as a hotspot for other devices.

APK features

  • Your computer, tablet, or phone can use your Android device to generate a Wi-Fi hotspot for them.
  • Use USB tethered and Wi-Fi hotspot to share your Mobile phone’s internet access with other devices.
  • Boost the transmission capacity of the Wi-Fi hotspot (up to 5 times faster!) with the help of the Wi-Fi hotspot control system.
  • You can utilize 3G/4G on your phone and spread it like a modem router.
  • Any device that you wish to connect or disable can be done.
  • Furthermore,There is no requirement for any form of registration or subscription.

How to download and install Netshare pro apk?

The installation and downloading method of the NetShare pro apk is straightforward, you just need to follow the below guide:

  • Then download the Netshare Pro apk by using the mentioned download link.
  • When you’ve finished downloading the Netshare Pro  APK file, click to Android Settings > Security.
  • Here, enable the “Unknown Sources” option, which requests permission to install programs from third parties. Activate it.
  • To begin the installation, go back to the downloads folder and click the Netshare Pro APK file.
  • Let’s open the app and enjoy.

Netshare pro apk FAQs

How can I use Netshare Pro Apk?

You can share any document with your friends and loved ones using this file-sharing program.

What are this app’s primary features?

The primary functions of this program are file sharing, file uploading, and file downloading.

Is the play store give this pro version?

Yes, the play store does have this mod version.

Is using this app safe?

Yes, using this app is completely safe. You can feel free to use it because it doesn’t have any adverts or pop-up windows.

Do all Android devices support it?

Yes, it functions with every Android device running 4.0 or higher.

Which types of internet connections may this application use?

Along with wifi connections, it enables mobile data connections over 3G and 4G.


Undoubtedly, the Netshare pro apk is a practical choice for everyone who wants complete access to accessible internet connections. With all of the characteristics, there is no denying the significance of this mobile application for individuals who wish to constantly have an internet connection, even when they are away from their home or office. People can also check and examine their internet connection using it. For anyone who requires total control over their internet connections, Netshare Pro Apk is a great option.


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