FTS 19 APK Download for Free (MOD + OBB + Data)

FTS 19 apk is an amazing soccer game specifically developed for Android devices. It has gained a large following amongst gamers, with many enjoying its unique gameplay and overall excitement. There are many great features in FTS 19, including an excellent management system that makes it easy to manage your team and players. It also offers a vast amount of content, making it the perfect game for both new and veteran football fans. It’s a great game you can play with friends or family, and it’s even better when you can share the experience with others through social media.

What is FTS 19 APK?

FTS 19 apk is an addictive and thrilling android game you will love to play. With its great graphics, it provides a lot of excitement for players. FTS 19 is a new game mod that will also add twenty new levels to the game. The level can be done anything you want, and there are no limits on what you can do. The new background and color options will give the game a unique look. This apk is sure to appeal to those who love to play games, as it gives them a lot of choices and options.

The player transfer feature is currently present in FTS 19. It will be easy to exchange players with another club with the help of this feature. The player must pay transaction fees, and then they can enjoy the benefits of the exchange. The facility is great for clubs who want to acquire new talent and make a splash in the league.

What makes the FTS 19 APK game special?

You’ll love the new FTS 19 mod apk version if you’re a football fan. This updated app offers users an unlimited number of coins, players, jerseys, leagues, and player faces. This makes playing the game much more enjoyable and allows users to explore all the available features. Moreover, FTS 19 apk is one of the most exciting seasons in years, with several transfers and signings sure to impact the game. With so much going on, it will be hard not to get gripped by the action.


Football Simulator games are always popular with mobile gamers, as they provide many opportunities to practice the skills they have learned in training. FTS 19 apk is no exception, and it offers a great experience for football lovers who want to improve their skills. The game may be downloaded for free and is accessible for Android devices.

FTS 19 apk is available on the market, and it has detailed gameplay, excellent visual design, and other interesting components. Additionally, The developers behind this game have put a lot of effort into making it one of the best. Several teams are very important for football enthusiasts this season. FTS 19 apk will also give you all the information you need about these teams and their progress this season.

Features of FTS 19 apk

There are various outstanding features included in this fts 19 apk; some of the features are listed below:

Updated Players List

FTS 19 apk is a new feature-rich RPG mobile app that gives you the widest range of players to choose from with its updated player list. With more than 2,000 active players, this app is perfect for exploring the world and communing with your fellow gamers. Whether you’re looking for a new adventuring partner or just some friends to chat with, FTS 19 apk has you covered.

Neat Graphics

FIFA 19 is one of the market’s most popular and well-known video games. It has been played by millions of people worldwide and has been developing for several years. This year, FTS 2019 also features stunning graphics and unique animations that keep players engaged for hours.

Manager Mode

A new football season is always a time for new beginnings, and with FTS 19, there’s no need to wait any longer to get started in your football management career. As like Beamng Drive apk. Moreover, This new series provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to manage your team and build them into success. With the right tools, you can be a manager of your football team and compete for trophies on the pitch.

Improved Gameplay

The FTS19 apk is a thrilling game that has been updated and includes new skills for your ultimate entertainment. Furthermore, This game is a great choice for those who love to play action games. The latest update includes new tasks and challenges that will keep you coming back for more. Players can also expect better gameplay as the developers continue improving the game formula.

Updated Uniforms

In the new FTS 19 android mobile game, players can select their player kit collection during gameplay. This includes a variety of soccer kits and uniforms from top European leagues. Players can also customize their look with these new options.

New Stadium

With the new Club and Country Stadiums the game has been update to a new version. Players can now select their preferred stadium from the game menu. The requirements for installing and playing the game have also been update.

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APK Features

  • You can sign new players as the list and number of players have been update.
  • The new game has minimal memory requirements, so it won’t take up too much space on your Android smartphone.
  • You may manage your team and coach simultaneously with the new fts 19.
  • Upgraded graphics, enhanced gameplay, and additional features you’ll experience while playing the game.
  • An improved gaming experience is now possible thanks to upgraded player skills.

How to Install FTS 19 APK?

For installing FTS 19 on your android phone, you need to follow the below criteria:

  • On your Android device, install the FTS 19 Apk (Avoid opening)
  • FTS 19 Apk Data Zip file must be extract and unzip.
  • Transfer the extracted file to the Android > Data Folder by opening the file manager.
  • Now search for FTS 19 and open the FTS 19 app successfully installed on your android phone.


Is it secure to install FTS 19 on my android device?

Yes, this app is 100% secure; So, you can confidently install it on your android phone.

How many levels are in the Updated FTS 19 apk?

There are 20 additional levels added in the latest version of the FTS 19 apk.

Is this app free to download, or does it require any money?

No, you can install this app free of cost, not even pay a penny.

Does root access need to download this app?

No, for downloading this app, you don’t require root access.

What is the size of this apk app?

This apk app is 25.6 MB in size; you can easily download it on your android device.

What are the important features that this app offers?

This app has many features like unlimited money, an Updated uniform, a new stadium, and an improved gameplay experience.


In conclusion, the F19 apk is an excellent game for android devices. Additionally, It offers a great gaming experience perfect for those looking for something new and exciting to play. FTS 19 is an exciting and captivating game that anyone can enjoy. It also offers players various customization options, including their uniform and team. This creates a more personalized experience, as players can control how their team looks and performs. The graphics are great, and the controls are simple to understand. You will be entertain for hours when playing this fantastic game.


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