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FTS 18 APK Download (Unlimited Coins + Unlocked VIP)

Football games have always been a major part of mobile gaming, but the genre has grown more popular recently. With FTS 18 apk there on the peak level, there’s no doubt that developers are keen to create some of the best football games on mobile. This series has been praise for its realistic graphics and thrilling gameplay, so it’s no surprise that FTS 18 is one of the most popular mobile football franchises.

 In FTS 18, you can manage your football club like a real-life football team. You can transfer and buy players from other clubs and pay medical expenses. This amazing update to the game changes how you play.

What is FTS 18 apk?

FTS 18 apk is the biggest football games franchise on the mobile platform. Being in tough competition with a franchise like Dream League Soccer, FTS 18 finally took over after a successful project. The game has been download over two million times, and its fast-pace action offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of real-time strategy games or first-person shooters, FTS has something for you.

FTST 18 apk is now available on both Android and iOS platforms. Third-party developers develop this mod, which is not affiliate with the original game. FTS 15 was recently port to these platforms, and it has successfully receive many downloads. As like Shadow fight 3 mod apk. Some people still use FTS 15 because it is the most popular mod now. However, those who want to try new mods should first download FTS 18 apk.

What makes the FTS 18 apk special?

If you are a soccer fan, you will love First Touch Soccer 18. This latest updated fts 2018 apk version is one of the most engaging soccer games you can ever enjoy. This newest update includes many new features and improvements that make it more enjoyable. You can now control your player with your finger and help them make their way to the back of the net or score a vital goal. First Touch Soccer is a perfect choice if you are looking for an exciting and challenging game.


FS18 apk is a deep and gameplay-rich game. It is easy to get loss in the world, with seemingly endless possibilities for strategy. This makes the many tutorials available online more valuable. The one thing which has always been missing from the game was an online mode, which DICE has now added. FTS 18 is an excellent game with plenty of content, and we would love to see it become even more popular.

In FTS 18, the developers were aware of the previous game’s minor flaws, and thus they took care of every bit. For instance, the tackling and pressing mechanics in the previous game were improved. This has resulted in a more intense and realistic experience for the player.

Features of FTS 18 apk

There are many amazing features included in FTS 18; some of the best features are given below:

Manager Mode

In FTS 18, you now have the power to manage your team and create your squad. Whether a new player or an experienced manager, there are plenty of ways to make a difference on and off the field. You will also be able to design your chosen club’s stadium with the provided standard stadium editor. There are plenty of templates to choose from, so you should start designing your dream stadium as soon as possible.

Beautiful Graphics

This game has been built or develop by great programmers and is embeddable with great graphics and animations. It is easy to score goals. In addition, the mobile soccer experience is perfect for gamers who want to feel like they are playing on the biggest stage. Want to try more improved graphics and better gameplay choose FTS 19 APK.

Fast Gameplay Mode

Since FTS 18, many people have been excited about the features that Intelligent AI brings to the game. This technology is highly modified from previous versions and has greatly impacted how the game functions. As like Final Fantasy 7 apk. In addition to making the game faster and more realistic, this technology allows players to pass and dribble their fellow players easily.

Updated Uniform

FTS 18 apk is up to date with the latest uniforms and accessories. Players can now equip their characters with the latest gear, improving their playing effectiveness. With new updates, players can expect even more exciting changes in the game that will make it more exciting to play.

Updated Players

FTS 18 has been updated, and players can now upgrade and recruit new players without issue. This change makes the game more stable and encourages people to stay in the game.

Additional background music

In FTS 18 apk, more music is on board than ever. FTS 18 has added a new song pack to the game, including old and new songs. This makes for an even more enjoyable experience for those who love playing the game.

APK Features

  • The game’s problem with device compatibility has also been resolve.
  • The game now has brand-new background tunes.
  • The names of the team members and their clothing were both update.
  • There has also been an update to the offline mode.
  • You may command your team on and off the pitch, acquire new players, contract management, and completely personalize your club’s stadium.
  • You may now see new stadiums added to the game and experience fantastic game graphics.

How to download and install FTS 18 apk?

The download and installation procedure of FTS 18 is straightforward; you are just required to follow the below guide:

  • First, click the green Download button above to download the FTS 18 apk file.
  • You must now install this game on your Android mobile when it has been properly download.
  • Remember to turn on the “Unknown Sources” button in your phone’s settings before installing.
  • You may now select the downloaded file and easily install it on your smartphone after turning on the setting for unknown sources.
  • Launch the game and get all its new update features.


Can we play this game without root access?

Yes, root access is not necessary to play this game.

Does the FTS 18 apk game include any malware or viruses?

No, this game has undergone a thorough malware and virus screening.

Is payment require to obtain this game?

No, there is no fee or requirement for payment to play this game.

Installing this FtS 18 game on my Android device, is it safe?

Yes, you can install this game confidently since it is completely secure.

What new features have been add to the FTs 18 apk?

The updated Fts 18 has many new features, like an updated uniform, improved gameplay, additional music, etc.


In conclusion, the FTS 18 apk is free on all Android. You can enjoy this game now with smooth mobile soccer gameplay. With this update, the game has also received some bug fixes and new features, making it even more fun. The graphics and animations in FTS 18 are excellent; additionally, more background music was added to the game. This makes for a more enjoyable gaming experience. So, download the FTS 18 apk d now and start playing your soccer game.


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