FIFA 21 APK + OBB Data MOD Download for Android & iOS

In the world of soccer simulators, FIFA 21 APK is extremely popular. The new FIFA 21 APK offers more modes than ever before, like Street Football, Arena Football, and Ultimate Team, as well as playing in the stadium and on the street. When it comes to authenticity, FIFA 21 is unmatched by other football games. 

You’ll find something for everyone at this site with over 30 official leagues, teams, and authentic players. Pro Evolution Soccer is the closest competition to FIFA Series, whereas its arcade appearance doesn’t compare to that of the FIFA Series. Explore Fifa old version FIFA 20 mod apk to grab exciting features.

Although it does not feature a career mode, it does display a season mode in which you can compete in 30 various leagues to get on the top. There are also tons of mini-games and options to customize your team in this version, which helps you stay on top of all the latest soccer developments. Get an entirely new soccer experience to the go with FIFA 21 Soccer on your mobile device.

What is FIFA 21 APK?

FIFA 21 APK introduced Volta mode, which is a street football mode that lets players play with smaller, more customized teams. It comes with personalized gameplay, lots of locations, cool gear, and unique match types such as VOLTA kick-off, world, Story, and League. In addition to multiplayer games featuring up to three players, fun battles, players such as Kaká and Lisa Zimouche, and a special VOLTA mode, FIFA 21 offers a whole new multiplayer experience.

Career mode allows you to dominate the league. While you are attempting to reach the pinnacle of the league, you can control all aspects of your team’s performance. You can have fun with interactive match sim, by sliding in or out of action and it also allows you to modify while playing a match. ​​It’s easy to set up a team that matches your personality, and you can fix any fault you find with the Players performance.

Most FIFA players probably prefer Ultimate Team Game over the others like FIFA Mobile Mod APK. It let with rewards for finishing challenges and objectives, players can build their desired team. With the ability to combine players from a variety of countries, there are virtually no limitations.

Regardless of whether you play Ultimate Team Game offline or online, you can pick up your friends or play against them online. With the upcoming release of FIFA 21, EA has taken a lot of responsibility off your shoulders so you will be spending more time playing rather than managing your team.

FIFA 21 APK download

The FIFA mobile game’s latest version brings you a new user interface focused specifically on maximizing the mobile experience of mobile gaming. By following the tutorial that covers all the new features in this edition you can learn how to play in a whole new way.

The new gameplay feature, FIFA Mobile also provides a wide range of other exciting new content that makes you want to stay up all night playing soccer. Regardless of whether you are playing alone or with your friends. if your Sharm phone has low configurations, you can download a game booster to play the game.  

Its attack mode, where you compete against players from around the world using turn-based gameplay, is one of the most notable features. The possibility of playing in cooperation mode and 30 different leagues are a few other additions to the game. By taking advantage of these features, it is possible to enjoy FIFA more than you have in your previous experience.

Features of FIFA 21 APK

The exciting features of Fifi sport game are given below;

Match Sharpness and Active Training

You can also use Match Sharpness and Active Training to find out more about your players’ performance. Adjust training to increase their chances of performing well during critical situations. As like Super Smash Bros Ultimate apk. You can schedule training and rest times for players to keep them motivated and healthy.

Transfer options

The transfer options provide you with even more flexibility by giving you the chance to set up a wide variety of contracts for players. 

Demonstrate your skills

In today’s installment, you’ll discover new and innovative ways to demonstrate your skills. The new Agile Dribbling system is designed to help players develop their creativity in 1-on-1 competition. You’ll learn how to quickly execute footwork step-by-step, handle close controls, an entirely new set of skill sets, including how to fake the ball and move past opposing players.

Schedule planning

Players can plan out their training schedule through the new training schedule feature. Having a clear idea of when to rest and when to play helps the team make better decisions. This optimizes and improves the team’s performance. Provide the player with a balance of sharpness and skill.


In addition, the firm has changed the character of the gameplay considerably. Routing, delaying, performance, and manually entering headers have all been enhanced in ways that enhance the overall quality. 

How to install FIFA 21 APK Android?

  • On the site, you will find a download button for downloading FIFA 21 apk for your Android phone or tablet.
  • As soon as you have downloaded it, you need to press the Install button and make some adjustments since it is not installed directly from Google Play.
  • FIFA 21 APK will appear on the home screen after installation. Launch the game and the developer EA Sports will ask for your identity verification.
  • Verify your identity with any games provided for up to one minute.
  • After being verified, the remaining FIFA 21 Android files will be downloaded on your device, which takes a while depending on your connection speed.
  • Then, reopen the FIFA 21 APK, run it.

FIFA 21 for PC

Find out how to collaborate and share ideas wherever you go. FIFA 21 raises the standard of gaming through new features:

  • Boost your VOLTA FOOTBALL SQUAD and FIFA scores by gathering together.
  • Immerse yourself in a realistic gaming environment for ultimate versatility and flexibility.
  • You’ll be able to manage every aspect of your career in FIFA 21 with new features providing greater control over your matches, transfers, and training.
  • Authenticity is unparalleled to provide you with a realistic view of the world’s largest sporting competition.


  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
  • CPU (AMD): FX 8150 3.6GHz or higher
  • Intel (Processor): Core i5-3550 3.40GHz or a comparable processor
  • SD card: 8 GB
  • Graphics (AMD): Radeon R9 270x or similar
  • Video card (NVIDIA): GeForce GTX 670 or better
  • Requirements for accessing the Internet Online: High-speed Internet access
  • Disk space: 50 GB


  • Enhances features of previous versions
  • New game modes and leagues introduced
  • Improved physics and artificial intelligence


  • Play solo or as a three-player game with friends
  • The core gameplay of the game hasn’t been altered


[su_spoiler title=”Can I download this version of the game on my Android?”]Sure, go ahead. Download the latest version of this game on your android phone. All you have to do is install the game and allow the android permission to the game as asked.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Is the game easy to play?”]It doesn’t have a complicated user interface, but it has excellent features. Access to all unlocked tools and equipment.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”FIFA 21 APK Safe?”]There is absolutely no risk to your devices. because we take security very serious, unlike other websites that only sell advertise insecure apps. A rooted phone does not need to be used to access the amazing functions of FIFA 21 APK.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Is this version free?”]However, as opposed to the usual boring FIFA 21 APK, this version is free of charge so you can enjoy fulfilling and entertaining gameplay.[/su_spoiler]


Play your favorite game for this site. Games and apps we share are always of the highest quality. There are many applications you can download for free on our APK website. Afterward, install the updated version of FIFA 21 APK on your Android device. A soccer game as addictive as FIFA 21 Mod APK is beyond my expectations, and the ability to play online, take part in tournaments, and manage the game even encouraged me to play more often. The graphics and gameplay of FIFA games have always been amazing, and FIFA 21 does not disappoint, and I’m looking forward to what it will bring in the future. As I mentioned before, when you have FIFA 21 APK app, you no longer need to worry about its predecessor or other soccer games on your android phones .


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