Face Magic Premium APK FREE v1.16.0 for android

What is Face magic premium apk free? You must have heard about the various editing applications that are available on the internet. They all are different some have the best features and some have only basic for average features. The reason for any application’s popularity is the uniqueness that makes it different. Others are the features that are only available on that application exclusively.

Similarly, the face magic premium apk free has so many features that make this application unique there are many applications. We can capture photos with filters but they don’t allow us to swape our faces with anyone we want. We can make videos by swapping our faces with our favorite celebrities, politicians, singers, etc. Not only you can transform your face but also provides you with so many other exciting features.


Face magic premium apk free is an application that is very easy to use, for using this application. All you need is a smartphone in your hand at the start and a picture. Which you want to transform your face. With the help of the face magic premium Apk. You can get an excellent chance to convert your face into someone else. To get the grip on this application read this article. It will help you to understand the functionality of this software.

There are some applications that are also offering this face-swapping feature but the quality is too bad. But in this application, you will do it smoothly and with the best quality. If you want to change your face into a stunning queen, or any famous actress. Or your favorite footballer, or an infant, or any old man? You are in the appropriate forum if the reply is yes. Nobody can stop you from changing your facial features into any person you’ve ever imagined. Start by selecting a character face that you like. With the help of the Face Magic premium Apk, you can surprise your friend.

The finest approach to amaze and surprise your friend is also by doing this. Everyone can change their faces by using this application. Because of its best functionality, you can publish your photos straight on media apps.


Without a doubt, this software offers several outstanding features that should be recognize. So, without wasting time let’s start with the features of the outstanding application face magic premium apk.


This application gives very easy and straightforward tools and tips for editing. Any videos or pictures you modify with this application will absolutely look realistic. It will be very difficult for the audience to evaluate and identify. Whether it is a fake or real video/picture that you have made.

facemagic mod apk

In this application, you will not find any problems or irregularities. Because of the advanced and top-notch technology used in this application.


We can produce so much with modern technologies. Since editing software is so complicate, as you are all aware, it is impossible to use it without sufficient instruction. In this application, users may very quickly edit their various photos and movies. The best approach to interact with people is by making use of various facial expressions. With the help of the platform’s advanced mimic technology, users can easily change their face into anyone else they choose, whether it be you, a buddy, or a famous person.

You can change your looks to appear like your favorite musician, admirer, or public figure. By using this application users can also create interesting and funny memes and can post them on social media Currently, this application has no limitations, it has very strong AI capabilities.


As we all know that there are so many editing applications on the internet some of them are complex to use and some are easy and they can easily be download from any android device very easily and quickly without paying any subscription or registration. With this application, users can directly share their created content on social media.

The best feature for which this application is famous is the face swap option. Not only you can swap your face with your friends but also with politicians, celebs, chefs, dancers, and famous magicians whoever you want by using the deepfake option to prank your friend with a false identity. Many elements of making short videos and photographs have been change because of the deepfake technology by which users can easily alter or modify someone’s face to another who was not part of that event.

With this technology users are also practicing the spread of fake information about someone which is not an appreciable act. If you want to develop your editing skills and edit like a pro then go and download this application right now.


As you are aware of this face swap feature let me amaze you more. with this application, you cannot just swap faces one time but in a single video, you can do multiple face swaps if you are a content creator or a meme creator then this feature is very exciting for you. Because the developers have leveled up the game of this application with this feature. while experiencing this application you can unlock many premium features for free.


Because the developers of this application are working constantly for improving the technology and producing better outcomes. With this application, editing has become super easy and more interesting than before. This game has strong AI technology.

This application has received various positive reviews from its users you can edit your photos and videos like a pro with this application. By downloading this application, you will get an amazing experience because it is very unique and different from the other old repeated features applications.


If you download this application from the play store then many of the premium features will be restrict for you from using and for using them you have to pay an amount on the annual basis, but if you download this application apk file from our website then it will cost you nothing also you can use all the premium features for free. So, if you are broke and also want to enjoy the premium features that go and download the apk file of face magic right now.


In this modified version all the premium features are unlock. No need to pay a single penny to access all the faces and the premium features. once you download the application you can enjoy all these features and start editing your project.


Whoever will download this modified version will get many exciting things but also, but he will be free from the irritation of ads. Because this modified version is free from advertisements. With this application, the main reason that wastes someone’s time is already eliminate.


  • You may also download face magic premium free from the play store using the link provided in this article if you are experiencing any problems with the download from the play store but keep in your mind that downloading it from the play store will not be fully free.
  • To start downloading the apk to your device, click the download icon in this article’s footer.
  • then seek for the face magic premium apk file thereby opening a file manager or download manager. The installation will start when you tap on the apk.
  • Go to the option to obtain files from other sources, and choose yes before starting installation.
  • Wait 4–6 seconds for the icon to show on your main menu so you can start using the software and loving it.


Summing up the article in this article we talked about the application name face magic premium apk free which is an editing software by which users can edit their videos and photographs and can share them directly to social media also they can swap their faces with anyone they want not only one but multiple swaps can be done with this app. As we all know that this is the time of social media so we can create exciting content without showing our identity.

Also, all the premium features are unlocked in this apk for absolutely free. Also, this is very easy to explore and if you have any query then it will be definitely solved by going through this article so download this application right now and be the king of content creating world.


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