Dragon Mania mod apk Download 7.3.5.c (Unlimited Money)

Dragon Mania Mod Apk includes fighting dragons and acquiring their treasures. It is also possible to breed your dragons to produce powerful and rare drakes by combining different genes. As someone who has been playing the game since its launch, here are my top tips to make the most of your time in this world of dragons.

You will level up as you do things in this game. You can hatch eggs, feed food, exchange coins with friends, use the speed-up button, and beat challenges. With higher levels, you will be able to encounter and capture more powerful dragons, which will help you in battle

What is Dragon Mania mod apk?

This is a fantastic dragon simulator game in which you raise lots of cute dragons. After arriving at the island, the player will become a fire-breathing creature. Initially, dragons will be born, and gamers will have to feed and train them, as well as take care of animals. You can earn gold and bonuses here for every successful action you take. The funds will assist gather over 300 animals in order to assist in the growth of Dragonlance.

The more dragons you have in your team, the more powerful your city will be. Hatching eggs and breeding them will be required for that. You may also earn additional gold by feeding and caring for your pets. By purchasing Gold and Coins, you can build a Legendary Island for yourself, build high buildings, and decorate them as you wish. This is a fantastic game that will keep you engaged for hours on end.

What makes the Dragon Mania mod apk game Special?

The game of dragons is quite popular among teens and youngsters. In a short period of time, Dragon City and Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk gained huge popularity. Despite Dragon mania legends being a great game, there are some restrictions that can make the game difficult to play. As like Farming simulator 19 apk. To create this modded version, the developers cracked the game. You can do anything in this version.

Are you interested in purchasing and unlocking any items without spending money? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to do this with this hacked version of Dragon Mania Legends mod apk. The ads in this game have already been disabled, so you won’t need to spend any money to play it ad-free. You may download and play this game even if your Android smartphone is not rooted. Using unlimited gems and gold, you will be able to unlock anything you desire.


This game allows you to train your own dragon & fight against other dragons. The Naga is a dragon-like machine that has superpowers & gems to form its robustness. Playing sharply, the player discovers his dragon’s abilities. Your power will be gathered on the farm as you feed him a variety of food, and fruits, and prepare him for battle. Once you’ve accumulated gold coins, money, and keys, you can proceed to the next phase. As like Ludo king mod apk. You will be able to free yourself from here after a few of their option units were bolted.

There are 100 missions that compete in multiple locations, so are you prepare to take on 750+ dragons in an interesting battle? Your experience will be enhance by the best sound quality and full HD 3D graphics

Features of Dragon mania mod apk

There are many fascinating features included in this amazing game, some of them are listed below:

A Great Magic Island

There are many secrets hidden on a remote island where your adventure takes place. In Dragon Mania Legends, you can reform the city by using strange, magical decoration aids. You can play with your dragons in this area, which includes several schools, training camps, and supermarkets. Turn your passion for design and construction into a virtual mayor in this virtual city!

Unique Skills

In the deserted island, your dragon collection has great skills to fight rare monsters using the magic model. As like Joy Pony apk. When dragons are combine with the magic system, beautiful and attractive scenes are create during battles. Skills like decimal elemental magic, which combines many different species and elements, will enhance the dragon’s strength.

Fighting Warriors

Defend your position and gain sovereignty by declaring war on various monsters. Dragons are legendary warriors with unique characteristics and strong feelings, fighting for their teammates and homelands. As you play Dragon Mania Legends, you will be able to form alliances with many different armies to maximize your strength and win the best trainer position.

Dragon Care

You can strengthen your army by implementing small daily actions that will increase their strength. The dragon can feel the sincerity of the owner when you take care of it, bathe, cook, etc. Furthermore, Dragon Mania Legends allows you to send your characters to school, and register for skill training courses, which will allow them to be fully develop.

All upgrades are unlocked

Aside from its most outstanding trait, unlimited resources, Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK also provides you with an entirely unlocked interface. It’s true, this modification includes all legendary dragons unlocked. As like Secret Neighbor apk. By installing the MOD APK inside your smartphone, you can get rid of all the struggles in Dragon Mania Legends.

Key Features

  • Your dream city island can be built with buildings and decorations. Events and dragons are regularly updated.
  • Your lovely baby dragons must hatch before you can unlock new species.
  • You’ll never be alone because there are hundreds of dragon species to pick from. Breeding, improving, and creating rare dragons are all possible. The elements and abilities are all yours.
  • Take your pet dragon on a fantasy animal adventure. DML magic may be used to advance to new zones, levels, and islands.
  • Vikings will attack your hamlet if you don’t raise a dragon to defend it. New species can be added to your world.
  • The latest events, weapons, and missions. Every dragon has the potential to become a legend in this monster-training simulation.
  • Upgrading dragons requires missions. Play on many islands, levels, and planets. Complete all missions. Utilize magical portals to combine dragons and collect unusual creatures.

How can I get the Dragon Mania mod apk and install it?

The following steps will guide you through the installation of the Dragon Mania mod apk:

  • If you have installed the original Dragon Mania version, you must uninstall it first.
  • After that, you can download Dragon Mania Mod APK from our website.
  • Once the download is complete, locate and install the apk file.
  • To install apps from sources other than the Play Store, you must activate “Unknown sources.”
  • Once the Dragon Mania Mod APK is installed, you can enjoy it


Is Dragon Mania hackable?

There is no doubt that Dragon Mania can be hack. Using the Dragon mania hack, you will be able to get 100% assistance.

What is the most recent version of the Dragon Mania mod apk?

Dragon mania legend version 6.3.1 has just been release.

What are the finest ways to create new friends in the Dragon Mania mod apk?

If you wish to add a partner, you must be on the same server as the person you wish to add. Click the “friends” icon in the lower-left corner, then “add.” By clicking on players’ names in-game, you can view their profiles.

Can Dragon Mania mod apk be play offline?

If you are not concerned about the game’s social aspects, you may play it without an Internet connection.

Is Dragon Mania cross-platform compatible?

It isn’t possible to add your companions if they play on another platform.


The most popular genre after zombie games is dragon games because dragons are also monsters. Can you imagine an Android game in which dragons need to be trained and petted before being used in breathtaking battles? With Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK, you’ll be amaze at the same app interface as the original game, but with all the above-listed features. One of the most thrilling aspects of the game is caring for a dragon as a pet, feeding and looking for it. You can get immerse in a dragon-themed environment right now.


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