Twitch App Review 2022: Is It Worth Your Time?

Twitch App Review 2022: Is It Worth Your Time? In this fast-revolving world, social media has become one of the inevitable platforms. Economic Times says that in total, people check their mobile 150 times a day and 52 times during their working hours. 

Twitch App

Reasons behind using mobile phones frequently: 

People use mobile phones for different purposes. Yet, the majority use it to get out of stress. Playing games will relieve us from any stress. Who wouldn’t want a platform which makes you have super fun and of course upgrades the number of your bank balance? If you are a game lover, you wouldn’t know about the Twitch app! Bro, you are missing something in your life. Check out the below content to know more about “Twitch TV“.

What is the Twitch app?

Twitch is a full-go entertaining app with various categories like gaming, live streaming, music, sports, news, and more. Amazon owns this streaming platform. They launched Twitch in 2011. Since launching, it has mesmerized millions of gamers around the globe.

Twitch app

Some perks of the Twitch app

  • Interactive live streaming platform:

The majority of the audience always wishes the interaction with their favorite actors or influencers. Interacting with the audience is one of the advantages that the Twitch app has. The audience can either question or leave their comments about the live stream.

  • Cost-free app:

Twitch management does not cost any amount to create an account. Creating an account in the Twitch app is uncomplicated.

How to Create an Account on Twitch App?

  1. Twitch can be easily downloaded on Androids, IOS, or on websites
  2. Open the app to sign in
  3. Here, enter your username 
  4. Next step, enter your email id or phone number to receive an OTP 
  5. After entering the received OTP, then set a password for your account
  6. And now, easily your twitch account is created

Monthly subscription: 

A subscription allows the audience to pay an amount to support their community by giving rewards. However, subscribing to any of the channels is not mandatory. You can subscribe to the channel which you like the most also to provide them an opportunity to enlarge their community among the audience.

Subscription plan – Twitch App:

Twitch app has three categories of subscription plan

  1. Gifted subscriptions
  2. Prime Gaming
  3. Sub-only perks

Gifted subscriptions:

This is the subscription where the subscribers can give a one-month subscription to your channel. It also has the option to become a regular subscriber.

Prime gaming – Twitch App:

Prime gaming is the subscription that is included with Amazon prime. Subscribers get a one-month free subscription in this plan which is great. Since it is a non-recurring basis, twitch advises us to renew every month.

Sub-only perks:

Tiered subs, Prime subs, and gifted subs are all entitled to exclusive benefits like emotes, tenure-based chat badges, sub-only VODs, commercial-free viewing (with limited exceptions), and sub-only chat. As the owner of your channel, you can decide what makes sense for your community.

live streaming platform

Subscription amounts:

There are numerous tiers available to subscribers that want to provide additional levels of support by raising the rate to $9.99 or $24.99 a month.

Variations in subscription:

Each monthly subscription requires an amount of payment. It varies from channel to channel and adds to a variety of new features. Ad-free watching and also multiple other features like using unique, special emotes, and private chat rooms are special features.

How to Earn Money on Twitch App?

However, If you are a student, unemployed, and looking to earn money online? Or a part-time job to save you some pocket money? Again twitch is one such platform where you can earn some money.

Tips to earn money on the twitch app:

Nothing comes easy. so, You have to work hard and put in all your efforts to reach out to the audience. Learn some tips here!

Uniqueness in content:

To gain more subscribers and followers, gamers must attract an audience. Since the users are high, it is in your hands to grab subscribers by attraction. Look at some points that might be useful

  1. One gamer/content creator should not use the same strategies.
  2. Consistent effort will gain you more followers. 
  3. Concerning the increase of followers, you must announce giveaways to your subscribers.
Earn Money with live streaming

Not promoting vulgarity:

Usage of vulgar language will degrade the quality of the channel. So never promote any content which tends to spread negativity among the community. 

Followers may also report your channel if they found anything wrong in your channel and your channel may be reported and get blocked by Twitch management.


However, This word may sound vague to you. But trust me if you put in your consistent efforts it will do wonders!  So, try to be consistent as much as possible. The more consistent you are, the more you make money.


Collaborations might help. Yes, you can also collaborate with brands that pay you money and in turn, you prompt their products on your Livestream. As long as you have a big audience, collaborations are an easy and money-earning part of the streams.

Affiliate marketing:

Now you can also affiliate with the twitch app to earn money. The only requirement is you have to have a minimum of 500 minutes of the broadcast, a minimum of seven broadcast days, an average of three viewers, and at least 50 followers.

affiliate program

You can also earn via subscriptions for chat rooms and exclusive viewing. Hope you have had the basic information on the topic and you are now set to stream online

“Make hay while the sun shines” I hope you better understand the proverb. With the advancement of the digital world, So, growing online audience, and competitive social media it is our time to make the most of it.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Twitch App is a great way to stay connected with your favorite gamers and to follow along with their live streams. It’s also a great way to discover new streamers and content. So if you’re a fan of gaming, or just want to check out some new and interesting content, be sure to download the Twitch App from Grazeapk.

So, reading all this information would you even deny downloading the app and earning money? Go and download the app, create an account, start a channel and earn money. Good luck!