Make Money via DeepSwap Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs are the best source of making money via DeepSwap online. DeepSwap is offering the best Affiliate program for the tool. You can make a lot of money just by promoting and getting new subscribers on DeepSwap and making them purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions. 

As you know the world is going towards deep fake technology. So everybody is interested in deep fake tools. You will easily get more subscribers on deepswap. The method to join the DeepSwap Affiliate program is very easy and explained down below. 

Commission Fees – Make Money via DeepSwap

The commission fee we want to pay for affiliates is 

  • Monthly: 50% commissions for the first purchase, 0% for rebilling.
  • Yearly:  50% commission for the first purchase, 0% for the rebill.

We do not want to pay extra even if the user continues to subscribe. 

DeepSwap Affiliate Networks

DeepSwap now has two affiliate networks, JVzoo, and warrior plus

You can have access to both Affiliate networks by visiting the Join Venture page for an affiliate program.

JVzoo Affiliate Network – Make Money via DeepSwap

JVzoo is a popular affiliate network. The method is simple for joining the JVzoo affiliate network. It has four easy steps, Making an account, Verifying Account, Payment Details, and Getting Affiliate Link.


Making Account

  • For making an account on JVzoo, you need to put in your user name, email address, Password, and country of Residence.
Make Money via DeepSwap Affiliate Program
  • After putting all information,
  • Then Click on Register, And an email `is sent to your email for verification purposes.
DeepSwap Affiliate Program
  • Then, Click on the link given in the mail.
how to Make Money
  • Now, the Sign in Page will open, Put your email address and password. Click on Login.
  • Now, You need to set up a Payment Method by which you want your commission to be transferred to you. 

These all are payment methods available on the JVzoo affiliate network.

After that, You will have your affiliate link. Which you want to give to the referrals to make an account and spend money.

Warriorplus Affiliate Network – Make Money via DeepSwap

Warriorplus is another popular affiliate network. The steps to joining the warrior plus network are very easy. You just need to make an account and send the request to the vendor to approve you as an affiliate marketer and give you your unique link.

Making Account

  • First Click on Sign up or make a new account. 
  • Now, You need to put all the required information like User Name, Password, and Email address.
  • After filling up all the information, Click on Create Account.
  • Verification Link will be sent to your email. Go to your email address and open the mail with a verification link in it.
  • Click on the link given in the mail.
  • Then the Sign in page opens, Now add your username and password into the required fields and click on log in.
  • Your account is live and you can now join the DeepSwap affiliate program through warrior plus.
  • Now you need to click on Request approval for the vendor.
  • The pop-up appears, Which is an empty field, So you need to write about your interest to join the DeepSwap affiliate program.
  • After writing, Click on Request Offer.
  • Once, It will be approved by the vendor, You will receive an email address having your unique affiliate link for commission purposes.

Commission Transaction – Make Money via DeepSwap Affiliate Program

Commission transactions will be done on affiliate network websites. Both websites have different methods and ways. So you have to check out by yourself by clicking on the transaction option.

What is DeepSwap? tool uses artificial intelligence to quickly swap faces in pictures, videos, and GIFs. This machine-learning algorithm can produce incredibly realistic face swap clips of people involved in activities they have never before done. Anyone who wants to quickly and easily creates believably deep fakes should consider using DeepSwap.

Benefits Of Using DeepSwap – Make Money via DeepSwap Affiliate Program

Deep Fake Face Swapping Powered by AI

With DeepSwap AI face-swapping, Deepswap will stun you. Use this online face changer tool to reface videos, pictures, images, or other digital content. You can swap faces in videos, GIFs, photos, and other media on Deepswap, an AI-based face-swapping website.

Quick, simple, and High Definition

On, creating a face swap video only requires three simple steps and a few seconds to complete the generation process. significantly increased the quality of FACE MAGIC FREE APK using its powerful and effective AI machine learning techniques. 

Reface multiple faces 

Deepswap can identify and swap up to 5 faces that appear in the video, whereas most face changers can only detect one or two people.

Deepswap Keep Your Privacy Safe

The majority of online businesses would require user data regardless of their industry. For example, both Android and iOS apps must have a privacy policy. However, as an online reface tool, Deepswap won’t keep track of the files you upload. Your basic information, such as your Account ID and membership status, are the only things they gather. Your cloud will store your uploads and creations, which the developers cannot access.

Strict Content Filtering Or No Watermark

Your creations will always have a watermark if you use deepfake PC tools other than Additionally, if your uploaded content violates the policies of apps like Reface and FacePlay, the upload will fail., on the other hand, is easier to use. You can easily add any celebrity, cartoon, or meme to your face without a watermark on your creation with FACE MAGIC.

Pros and Cons of – Make Money via DeepSwap Affiliate Program


  • With the help of deepfake technology, you can change the dialogue in a clip or movie without having to reshoot it. You can even create entire videos by choosing a presenter from a menu and typing in the script.
  • Industrial training can be enhanced with Deepfake. Building AI avatars for use in videos is helpful. It is also implemented in the film industry to produce film tricks and other cutting-edge features.
  • The verification and identification field can benefit from deepfake technology. Avatars created by AI help protect users’ identities.


  • Misinformation and fake news can be produced using technology. Additionally, it can be employed to exact revenge or defame famous people.

Final Words

You can earn a healthy profit by joining DeepSwap Affiliate Program. DeepSwap is a hot selling technology in the world right now and everyone wants to join deep fake technology.