The google pixel slate m3 is the most recent and it comes in the line of Google’s expensive and pricey chrome OS gadgets, but it is the first tablet that is designed to compete with apple’s best products such as the iPad Pro and MacBook pro. The impressive specification that they are featuring is an Intel i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, a gorgeous OLED screen, a nearly bezel-less design, and four speakers tuned by AKG to deliver outstanding sound quality for watching a video or listening to music. In google pixel, slate Chrome OS has been enhanced with fresh features including natural writing recognition and UI elements adapted from Android.


With an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage, the GOOGLE PIXEL SLATE M3 costs $599, or 142,921.40 Pakistani Rupees. If you want to write and sketch by hand. Get the $199 (47,481.40 PKR) Pixel Slate Keyboard and the $99 (23,621.40 PKR) Pixel book Pen.

For the cloud-based Chrome OS to have this much storage space would seem excessive. You might also want to think about Google’s extra Premium Care warranty. You plan to use this as your main device.


Important information about this gadget’s graphics, CPU, and RAM specifications are:

  • The Google Pixel Slate m3 sports a sleek, shiny magnesium shell that screams elegance. This device has an 8MP camera on the back of the device that peers at you when it is in laptop mode.
  • In this device, aluminum-trimmed frames are also used. Users can choose between an Intel Core m3-7Y30 or Intel Core i5-7Y54 processor as per their requirement, and it has up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of SSD storage. GOOGLE PIXEL SLATE M3 has all the outstanding characteristics that amazing gadgets should have.
  • In addition, it has four far-field voice control microphones. USB-C ports, a fingerprint reader, a front camera, and twin stereo speakers.

Exceptional Design and Construction:

Google hasn’t made many physical design modifications to the Pixel laptop since it was first introduced. It has the deep Dark Blue of the GOOGLE PIXEL SLATE M3 giving it the touch of beauty. It is made of an anodized aluminum body that feels strong and durable as well.

The Pixel Slate’s black bars keep the gadget from looking obsolete, despite the bezels appearing slightly smoother texture than those of the new APPLE MACBOOK Pro models. The GOOGLE PIXEL SLATE M3 keyboard roughly doubles the weight to 2.9 pounds and the thickness to 0.6 inches of the Pixel Slate, making it feel less portable.


This makes it heavier and thicker than the Google Pixel book. Thinner bezels and a sharper display were the key distinctions between the current model and the previous models. We still adore Google’s designs now, just as we did back when they originally launched.

Given that it has fewer side bezels than the majority of 13-inch laptops now on the market, the new 12.3-inch 3000 x 2000 (293 PPI) touchscreen is exceptionally beautiful.

Ports for the GOOGLE PIXEL SLATE M3:

The apple might be inspired by the dual USB Type-C ports on the Pixel Slate. These tablets, unlike the iPad Pro, support external storage, The Pixel Slate can be utilized in a contemporary office environment rather than only relying on online storage.

The Surface Pro 6, features a Type-C port but requires an adapter. Outperformed by both devices without this.

It’s annoying while importing files from another device, after importing large, multi-gigabyte files, it appears to crash and reboot, with the screen temporarily turning dark before opening a blank Chrome tab.

The bottom side of the Pixel Slate Keyboard contains a special Pogo connection that connects the Pixel Slate to the keyboard. Because the Pixel Slate lacks a Best Headphone jack, Google offers a Type-C to 3.5-millimeter audio converter.

Keyboard and Pen for Google

Both of them are already there with every Google Pixel Slate m3, and they’re both excellent. Text entry is the main benefit of Apple’s Smart Keyboard, which is why it has been around for so long. Despite the fantastic on-screen keyboard on Android Pie, a physical keyboard is still the best choice for speed and accuracy when typing.

This is particularly true while touch-typing; it is the experience of the users that they found that they could type up to 80 words per minute on their MacBook Air, a feat that would be impossible with any handheld virtual keyboard.


The Google Pixel Slate m3’s 12.3-inch LCD screen is available in two different sizes: conventional model with 3,000 by 2,000 pixels (293 PPI) and a bigger, higher-resolution model with 3,180 by 1,800 pixels (260 PPI).

The latter option gave us less than a millimeter of additional space between. The chin and the keyboard of our evaluation unit. According to Google, you can ask for a higher variation. When buying if you know in advance that you’ll need it.

Best display:

The Google Pixel Slate m3 has a 12.3-inch screen with a 3000 x 2000-pixel resolution. It has a wide color space, a high dynamic range, and a 60Hz refresh rate (P3). Additionally, it has fantastic viewing angles. Because there is no notch to limit how you utilize your apps, you always have access to the complete screen.

Windows and tabs are tiled to optimize space utilization, similar to Chrome on the desktop. If windows get too large, you can split them up horizontally or vertically or drag them by their tabs to move them across the screen.

Google Pixel Slate temperature:

The google Pixel Slate can get a little warm, but in laptop mode, you won’t feel it. After 15 minutes of HD video streaming, our heat gun recorded 80 degrees Fahrenheit on the tablet’s touchpad and 82 degrees on its keyboard. The back of the device reaching 94 degrees, the only place even close to our 95-degree comfort level.

Battery life of google pixel slate:

Because Chrome OS was create to be use in combination with cloud services and Google’s infrastructure. It is not surprising that the battery life of a device like Google’s Pixel Slate m3 isn’t like an iPad Pro or even Chromebook competitors.

With 8 hours of combined use and 5 hours of movie playback, battery life is similar to other high-end tablets. However, if you’re using it for more demanding and battery-consuming tasks, such. Working with Office files or presentations, you can expect a battery life of roughly 4-5 hours. However, heavy users should bring their chargers in case of any emergency backup your google pixel slate.

Webcam of google pixel slate:

Google has constantly made investments in the software sector. The Pixel smartphone line captures gorgeous photographs are the result of one of Google’s best phone cameras ever. The Pixels use a lot of computational photography. The joining of numerous photographs to produce a better final image, which is why they are so wonderful.

According to Google, using all four cameras simultaneously will let you apply bokeh blur after taking a picture on tablets. We are unsure of how it will function in reality, but we commend Google for trying something new.




  • The Pixel Slate has a large display that provides an immersive experience, It is an elegantly designed large display device.
  • It also has powerful speakers that shoot forward to give a crisp sound. The experience of operating gaming apps and watching YouTube videos is improve by this.
  • You can access more than one million Android apps, as well as your preferred music, movies, and TV episodes. Google Play app that comes pre-installed on the Pixel Slate.
  • Fortunately, the Pixel Slate lets you adjust the window size such that the larger screen makes the experience more engaging.
  • Watching videos is a wonderful experience because of the wider display.
  • It is Touch-Friendly Chrome OS compatible with both tablet and desktop modes.
  • Additionally, the Pixel Slate adjusts itself when the keyboard is connected or detached.
  • When the device is in tablet mode, the home screen has an Android-like appearance and allows multiple windows.
  • The Pixel Slate also gets two hours of battery life from a 45-watt charger after just 15 minutes of charging. As a result, you shouldn’t need to continuously recharge it to use it during the day.
  • To charge the Pixel Slate, you can use a charger or your phone.
  • The Pixel Slate has cameras on each of its sides. The front of the device has an 8-megapixel “Duo Cam-optimized” camera with 1.4um pixels and a /1.9 aperture that can record 1080p video at 30 frames per second.


  • The starting price of the most expensive Pixel Slate variant is $1,599 (381,521.40 PKR). The cost of the 2-in-1 increases as a result. This is far pricier when compared to Apple iPads.
  • The Google Pixel Slate cannot be use as a laptop without spending an additional $199 (47,481 PKR) on a Pixel Slate Keyboard.
  • One of the downsides of the Slate Keyboard is how well it works with the Pixel Slate connected and on your lap.
  • Using the Pixel Slate Keyboard while the device is firmly attach to a desk. Another hard surface is easy.
  • If using a Chrome OS-based laptop device is more your style. Take a look at the Pixel book as an alternative.
  • The price of the Apple Pencil and the Pixel book Pen is $99(23,621 PKR) each.
  • The Pixel book Go, a foldable device, has taken the position of the Pixel Slate. Because Google no longer produces detachable tablets, there won’t be another Pixel Slate.


Google pixel stale is basically a tablet that converts into a laptop. It is not like other ordinary laptops. It was launched with the competition of Apple’s most running and demanding products.

Google pixel stale has the best sound quality and a large display that keeps engaging the users in gaming Apps and in watching series or making projects for a long period of time. It supports all the heavy software. It is not as thin as MacBook is it is thick, and also expensive. When it comes to using it like a laptop for that you must have to buy the keyboard individually which is an extra cost.

So, we hope, if you are willing to buy this laptop and searching for an honest review. Then this article is the right one to thoroughly get information.