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BitLife Mod Apk [God/Shopping/Unlocked Bitizenship] Download

Bitlife MOD APK is an online life simulation gaming app free for android users. In this game, users can make a character the same as their personality or different from their personalities not only this but in this, they can spend their time doing different adventures and activities.

About Bitlife MOD APK

Life is full of adventures and activities and those adventures and activities become our life stories. Have you ever wondered how your life story would be if you have done it in the way you wanted to or how all those things would turn out for you if you have done it some other way? If this type of thing interest you then, Bitlife MOD APK is a game for you same as Bus Simulator.

You can make your own characters and can decide it fate of how you want your character to grow and how you want it to turn. The game starts with a sperm which leads toward the birth of your character and after it you’re in charge of everything it does till the death of your characters. To know more about it continue reading it same as Retro Bowl MOD APK.

Features of Bitlife MOD APK [God/Shopping/Unlocked Bitizenship]

Some Features Of Bitlife MOD APK

Make your own life:

No one will stop you from doing things that you want to do or likes to do in Bitlife MOD APK unlike in real life. Furthermore Here you have a chance to live the life you want to or like. You can do whatever you want to do and no one can stop you from doing it. You can live the life of your dreams.

Your decisions decide your future:

Nor does Bitlife MOD APK gives you a chance to take the decision for yourself and those decisions will decide how your future would look like. You can become a very responsible and good person through your choices or you can become a drug dealer or a person having several or a lot of bad things or habits and all these things decide your fate be aware of your choices because they can also lead to the death of your characters.

Time traveling:

With this amazing feature of Bitlife MOD APK, you can time travel and by doing this you can change your past by taking some different decisions or by making different choices you can change your future also because the change in the past will lead to the change in the future.

Amazing graphics and 3D effects:

Bitlife MOD APK provides its users with an amazing experience with its amazing graphics and 3D effects users can imagine themselves in the game which results in more interest in the game same as Ps5 Simulator APK.

Premium features unlocked [God/Shopping/Unlocked Bitizenship]

With the MOD version of this app, you can unlock all the premium features which means no as and you can unlock bitzenship which means you can upgrade to the higher level of society and many more advantages.

  • Additional Information:
  • Name: Bitlife MOD APK
  • Version: latest
  • Size:
  • Category: Gaming/life simulation
  • Developer:
  • Requirements:
  • Root Required: NO
  • Google Play:

How to download Bitlife 3.8.5 MOD APK?

You can download Bitlife MOD APK by doing these simple steps written below:

  • Step 1: Download the MOD or APK file of BitLife from
  • Step 2: Then search for its information in the device’s Settings, go to advanced, and unlock unknown settings.
  • Step 3: Tap installed BitLife MOD APK.
  • Step 4: Finally, just turn on the game, set your information, and click on Start a Life.

Tips and tricks of Bitlife MOD APK:

By following certain tips and tricks you can master this game:

Just like in real life our careers and our occupations really matter and affect our social life and our future. In bitlife, MOD APK choosing the right career and making the right choices will really affect it. You can choose whatever you want your character to become.

Focus on the good health of your character if your character is healthy then it can do a lot of things and can participate in different life activities and can earn much more than a weak and non-healthy person.

Good health will result in a long life of your character whereas a non-healthy character can die early.
And then Earn well to make your future. If you are earning well then you can invest it in other things so you can spend a comfortable life or you can also buy things from your money.

Pros and cons of Bitlife MOD APK:

Here are some interesting Pros And Cons Of Bitlife MOD APK


  • Completely free for android users
  • Unlocked bitzenship.
  • Unlimited shopping.


Nor The MOD version of Bitlife may contain some viruses which can be harmful to your devices. So when downloading it from different devices make sure to download It from authorized websites. You can download it from our website for a tension-free experience same as Adorable Home


Here are Some Interesting FAQs About Bitlife MOD APK

Can I play BitLife on PC?

Yes, you can play it on your pc for a more amazing experience while playing this game you can enjoy its amazing graphics and experiences.

Is the MOD version of Bitlife free?

The MOD version of bitlife is completely free for android users they can play it as much as they want without any worry about paying.

How to become Bitzen in Bitlife for free?

Further, you can become a bitzen for free by downloading the MOD version of Bitlife. So You can enjoy all the advantages of bitzenship for free of cost.

How do I live forever in BitLife?

Nor You can ensure that the life of your character is long by keeping all four stats which are health, happiness, looks, and smart as high as possible. And then Make sure your health and happiness are always 100% or near to it for keeping your character a more happy and more long life.

Is Bitlife suitable for kids?

Nor, it is not suitable for kids it may contain some inappropriate things or themes for kids. It is rated 17+.


Bitlife MOD APK is a game that gives its users a chance to experience it in their way. They can do whatever they like to do. It gives users an idea about how every action of them can lead to success for them or a terrible life. Users can evaluate themselves by playing this game.


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